Special EFX legend Steve Johnson has teamed up with Sandy Collora to put out ‘RUBBERHEAD: Sex, Drugs and Special FX‘ . It will be the first in a five volume series of high end coffee table books, chronicling the memoirs, art and unedited antics of Steve Johnson.

About this project

Finally, after over ten years of writing, editing, collecting and cataloging photos, Special FX legend and creature creator, Steve Johnson is ready to unleash RUBBERHEAD…

In Johnson’s own words “RUBBERHEAD will part memoir, part art book and ALL AWESOMENESS!” This absolutely stunning first volume in the series truly has something for everyone– from the now legendary exploits of Mr. Johnson both in and out of the shop, to tons of never before seen photographs from the days when his special FX company worked on some of the biggest and most groundbreaking genre blockbusters of all time.

Starting his career with Academy Award winning makeup artist, Rick Baker, Johnson honed his skills working on films like “Videodrome” and “An American Werewolf in London”.

For many years, Johnson reigned supreme in a time when practical FX and “hand made” films ruled the day.

Through his massive facility XFX, Johnson and his cohorts created some truly amazing creatures and FX for not only films you’ve seen, but some you haven’t! This will be the first time, previously unreleased photos of projects XFX did not get awarded or simply didn’t happen, will be shown. Steve has a library of photos that is almost staggering in its sheer bulk.

So many different designs were done and submitted for so many shows. XFX employed some of the best artists and designers in the industry, producing some truly remarkable work that has never seen the light of day– until now. The best of all this never before seen work, will be featured throughout all five volumes.

All these photos– all these designs– cool as they are, merely scratch the surface of this incredible volume. Johnson’s story, which is just as colorful, bizarre and intriguing is the beating heart of RUBBERHEAD. This is a really BIG book– over 250 pages in full color.

Almost five million dollars, a year of pre-production, and over two hundred robotic components later, Dock Ock was brought to life for “Spiderman II” by Steve Johnson and company in conjunction with Sony Imageworks’ digital magic.

Brian Yuzna’s “Arachnid” boasts this monstrous spider, as well as an entire smorgasbord of old-school practical FX. (above)

One of many HUGE creatures in process for Jonathan Hensliegh and Universal’s first doomed outing with The Hulk. (below)



The RUBBERHEAD T-shirt reward!
The RUBBERHEAD T-shirt reward!

Sandy Collora and Steve Johnson– they’ve come a long way since “The Abyss”.

“Partnering with Sandy Collora and Montauk Publishing was a no brainer. The work he’s done on The Art of Creature and Character Design books, has been nothing short of incredible. When I saw them, I knew he was the guy to design and publish my books…” Funded right here on Kickstarter, the three volumes of Sandy’s now super popular books have set the stage for Johnson, bringing their strong graphic design sense and a brand that has delivered the goods time and time again, to RUBBERHEAD.

Sandy and Steve in North Hollywood, CA
Sandy and Steve in North Hollywood, CA

“You’ll have a blast unraveling this tale of decadence and movie magic. Disguise makeups for Michael Jackson so he could go out in public incognito. Steve’s delusion of being helped out on his Slimer sculpture by the ghost of John Belushi. Time travel. Sex, drugs, and special FX, kids!”

What’s next? What’s going to fill that blank piece of paper? Volume 2, of course! Thanks so much for your support and stay tuned. Trust me when I say, Steve’s got SO much more up his sleeve… ”

Risks and challenges

Books are always challenging. There’s so much to be done– especially when you self publish. But here’s the thing, I’ve done this now 3 times, quite successfully (as well as two other non-publishing successful campaigns), so I have this whole thing down now. Little things will always arise and problems are a part of any creative endeavor, but RUBBERHEAD is a project I’m sure will be amazing and that you’ll be happy you backed.

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Steve and our founder Tom Holland have worked together and been friends for years. Tom would love it if the horror community pitched in and helped out. Great EFX and great stories from one of industry’s finest.

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