Real-Life Horror Villain? “The Waster” Has Churches on High Alert

Which is scarier: Horror movies or reality?  What happens when the line between fact and fantasy begins to blur?

In another example of a new and alarming trend, an anonymous figure is casting a shadow fear throughout a community; it’s a situation that could have come straight out of a movie script for the latest genre chiller—except it’s real.  In June, “The Watcher of Westfield” terrorized a family in New Jersey with a series of unnerving letters (“Bring me the young blood”).  Then in August, a disturbing hooded figure was filmed dropping raw meat around a playground at the Hudson Woods apartment complex.  Now, “The Waster” has churches around several counties in Georgia on high alert.

NBC affiliate WRCB reports:  Over the past couple of weeks, nearly six dozen churches (across denominations) in McMinn County, Monroe County, and Murray County, Ga. have received a letter from “The Waster.”

Like any devious horror villain would, The Waster has avoided overt threats, making him difficult to legally pursue and/or prosecute.  Still, authorities aren’t taking any chances: Fingerprints have been lifted from several letters and the Sheriff’s Office will also work with local churches to come up with safety plans.

The creepy culprit chose his moniker carefully:  “The guy is saying his name is The Waster,” said Det. Blake Witt, McMinn Co. Sheriff’s Office. “There’s a biblical scripture and verse that talks about The Waster, and he states that in the letter.”  He’s referring to Isaiah 54:16, which reads, in part, “I have created the waster to destroy.”


Yeah, I’d be nervous too.

The sheer number of unsettling letters suggests The Waster is seriously vexed—and seriously crazy!  He focuses his ire directly and unapologetically at false Christians before subverting bible verses into veiled threats.  I suspect this fellow is most likely the warped product of a strict religious upbringing, because he clearly knows the subject well.  One of his tightly scrawled letters reads, in part:

“Here’s a cold hard truth!  Because the pseudo Christians religions of the world only taught Ten Commandments, they damned all their members who died to Hell!  Here’s the scripture that proves it… Leviticus 19:16 Thou shall not walk up and down as a pallbearer among thy people…  Matthew 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines commandments of men… Their hearts are far from me…  Did you know the New Testament is full of commandments?  How many people have you deceived into going to Hell?”

Mark my words: Somewhere in Hollywood, a movie producer is rushing to secure the film rights to this story.  Because fiction can be extremely scary, but reality is absolutely terrifying!


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