Strip Club Haunted House opens in Portland!

Yes, you read that right, a strip club haunted house. DJ Dick Hennessy is set to launch the Strip club haunted house, themed after the 7 deadly strip club sins, in Portland this Tuesday.

While this is no where near the first haunted strip club in Oregon, Silver Dollar Strip Club in local Eugene, Ore. had taken on the tradition for several years, transforming the establishment into spooky rooms, where dancers would dress in costume and attempt to scare patrons.

DJ Dick Hennessy, however is taking on a very different approach with his scares as he transforms Spyce Gentleman’s Club into an educational scare teaching patrons the sins of the club, such as taking money off the stage.

In an interview with Williamette Week, Hennessy answered some questions that are immediately on our minds.

Is the haunted house supposed to be scary, sexy, or both?

Both. We are trying to do a nice scary edge to it, but at the same time make it enjoyable and educational.


The concept is “The Seven Deadly Strip Club Sins.” For people who aren’t too familiar with the rules or the etiquette for being in a strip club, this will be an educational, collaborative type of experience where you get to learn what not to do at the strip club.

What are the seven deadly strip club sins?

The first is: no taking photos or videos to record the dancers.

Second, no stealing from the dancers.

How are you illustrating these sins? Will it be like a traditional haunted house where guests are led through?

We have two different hosts, and you’ll get one of two different experiences depending on when you go. They’ll take you upstairs and give you a breakdown of the sins, and guide you to the beginning of the house. From there you can go off on your own or with a group of people. Along the way are seven different areas, each of which visually explain the sin and the potential haunted house repercussions of the sins. It gets off to a fast start with sexiness and scariness. During the journey there will be a few different pop out characters.

I heard you were working with a makeup artist to really set it off. Can you tell me about that?

We really lucked out this year and hit the ground running. We were able to book Shashonna Knecht, who is probably the top makeup artist in the state when it comes to this stuff. She has years of experience and accolades. Right now [exotic dancing competition] Miss Exotic Oregon is going on, which is the biggest adult event of the year. Nine times out of ten the girl that wins or has the best or most elaborate make up has hired Shashonna way ahead of time. When it comes to make up she is extremely versatile. She worked for Fright Town for years and was in charge of makeup there, so she a tremendous background.

It’s sounding like we may have a Dusk till Dawn on our hands.

For more information check out Williamette Weekly.




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