Sensabaugh tunnel

Horror in the Homeland. Tennessee has a ghost story to tell you!

Sensabaugh tunnel


Nestled in the majestic mountains of Kingsport, Tennessee is SENSEBAUGH TUNNEL. In the 1920’s, The Sensabaugh family sold a portion of their land to C.C. & O Railroad so a tunnel could be constructed. The tunnel became the access road as the trains traveled above. If traveling through the tunnel, away from the Holston River; and around a minor curve, the Sensabaugh farmhouse greets you in a very “Psycho-esque” way! Over twelve feet high, three hundred and eighty odd feet long, the folklore surrounding this location has multiple versions. Starting in mid to late 1950s, early 1960s, stories began to swirl. Perfectly camouflaged with few knowing, even to this day, how to get there.

Reports of eerie sounds, like crying and screaming coming from inside the dark center of the tunnel have remained unaltered but “why” you may hear those sounds has several versions. Some explained the sounds to belong to the ghost of the baby that was killed as a result of a robbery gone wrong at the Sensabaugh home. The story was given to me as the matriarch of the family, Ed Sensabaugh (who is referred to as “old man Sensabaugh by locals) went crazy one night and murdered his entire family. In attempts to escape her turn in execution, his daughter fled through the side door. Screaming and crying, she made her way to the tunnel. Old man Sensabaugh emerged shortly after her, pointed his shotgun and killed his daughter before sitting in his rocking chair and turning the gun on himself. Years after the brutal midnight murders, a woman traveling got lost and found herself using the road through the tunnel. Her car broke down in the tunnel and seeing a dim light on in the Sensabaugh home, she walked towards it in hopes of finding help. What she found was old man Sensabaugh sitting in his rocking chair and as he rose, aimed his shotgun and pulled the trigger. The girl, nor her vehicle, were ever found. Locals still believe, anyone last seen in the vicinity of the tunnel and goes missing; Just another victim of old man Sensabaugh.

Sensabaugh tunnel


On any given night, and the right amount of courage, you are to drive into the tunnel. Right before midnight, windows down and shutting off the engine. Within moments of doing this, all in attendance, will begin to hear crying. The cries evolve into shrieks (both outside and inside depending on who is with you) And when you go to turn the ignition back on…nothing! The vehicle is disabled for several moments. On occasion it’s been said a tall dark figure with red eyes appears behind the vehicle. And just as any physical location does, Sensabaugh Tunnel’s present state is one showing its scars. A small stream now empty’s out into a small pool at one of the entrances and inside of the tunnel is now saturated in graffiti and satanic symbols. But just only the cosmetics have changed! People continue to tell this story and those who hear it, still go and taunt the haunt. And if you make it through, the Sensabaugh house still stands. Just a tip, don’t go at midnight!


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