Tom Holland’s Terror Time has found the ultimate zombie apocalypse survival bike. Should you have time to plan ahead you might want to get this and hang it in your garage just in case. It comes complete with crossbow. Badass!

The Santa Cruz-based crew at Motoped knows the zombies are coming, and have decided to help you prepare for the worst with their Motoped Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition.

That’s right, this bad boy was built for doomsday, and it means serious business. The motor kit is still the same as the original Motoped (a conversion kit that attaches a 50-190cc Honda motor to any mountain bike), but the accessories were designed for the undead. You can choose from a crossbow, saws, additional gas tank, an axe, survival shovels, a harpoon, hell, you can even get your 2-wheeler outfitted with a .50 caliber machine gun. Could you imagine the damage that thing would do? There are over a dozen different accessories to chose from, depending on your desire to be prepared. [Purchase]

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