Alien sightings happen daily, probably hourly, across the globe.  But perhaps the most intriguing and unnerving sighting occurred on September 16, 1994 in a small farming community in Zimbabwe.

A private school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe had their students out for recess while the teachers attended a weekly meeting inside the school.  A physiotherapist on staff was the lone adult on the recess yard that morning, supervising the children.

Sixty-two children, of varied ethnicity and age, claim to have seen an alien craft, as well as aliens, touch down near their school while they were at recess.  Sixty-two.  Each child gave their own observations of the event and what has baffled experts and researchers is the fact that every student, ranging in age from five to twelve, described and drew pictures of the exact same event.  In fact, the accounts of these children are so similar, it has led one renowned psychiatrist professor to determine that the sighting in question “seemed to be what it is.”

The students claim to have seen three to five saucer-shaped objects in the sky.  On as clear a morning as it was, the children say the objects sped through the sky silently, with one touching down a little too close for comfort.

A “small man” then appeared, standing on top of the landed UFO.  Some children claim the craft hovered a few inches above the ground while others insist it had landed completely.  Roughly three feet tall and wearing a tight, shiny “black and silver suit”, the being seemed to have either long hair, a mane or a cape.  The being began to approach the children before disappearing suddenly and reappearing behind the UFO.  It then disappeared again and suddenly the UFO lifted off the ground and disappeared into the sky.

In a frenzy, the children scattered across the recess yard, telling their story to the recess supervisor, one Mrs. Kirkman.  Shrugging off the children’s stories, Mrs. Kirkman eventually got Colin Mackie, the Headmaster of the school, involved.  Mackie instructed the children back into the school-house and asked them to draw exactly what they had seen.  Eerily enough, just about every drawing was the same – a UFO on the ground, amidst the trees, with a small being standing on top or beside it.


The students claim the being’s eyes were “huge” and “slanted”, while the body was “skinny with a scrawny neck”.  The creature never spoke a word to the students, yet some of the older children claim that the being communicated with them through “the man’s eyes”.  The extraterrestrial allegedly told the children that they must change their ways, as they are polluting Earth and there would be serious consequences if the abuse continued.

What makes this case even more peculiar is that UFO sightings were reported in the area two days prior to the school sighting.  Thousands of witnesses claim to have seen the craft zoom across a clear evening sky.  What makes this such an intriguing fact is that in this small community, where technology advancement has lacked and speculative coverage of aliens and UFOs simply are not a part of this area’s consciousness, there were such consistent reports of the exact same events.pla1hhmi0d4cvwiphbpu

Many of the students admit they never even heard the term “UFO” prior to their sightings that day in the school yard.

To be expected, the even received quite a bit of recognition from renowned therapists and psychiatrists across the land.  UFO investigator Cynthia Hind, also a psychotherapist, and Harvard psychiatric professor and physician Dr. John E. Mack met with the children, parents and teachers for two days regarding their sightings.  The videos recorded during these sessions are enough to make anyone get at least a little antsy – the children recount their memories calmly, nonchalantly, much as they would tell their parents what they had for lunch that day.  Analysts acknowledged that the children were telling the truth.  Voice, tone and body language is something that can easily be detected and these children were most definitely telling a true story.  There was no mass delusion here.

In 2010, some sixteen years after the event, the students present that day in the school yard were brought back together for another round of interviews regarding their experience.  It is noted that with children’s “stories” or lies, they eventually will reveal it was a hoax or a fable as they grow out of adolescence.  However, not a single one of the sixty-two students (now adults) took back what they told investigators a decade and a half earlier.  To add some nightmare fuel to readers’ conscience – one of those present that day said “It was that face, that craft.  It will never go out of my mind.”

In fact, not only did the former students all tell the same story, they also reunited with hugs and looks of mysticism and head scratching, noting that “if there was one experience.. I’d like to relive, it would be that particular experience.”



Typical of the horror genre’s favorite films and books, a sad ending met both lead investigators of the case – Hing died after a fight with cancer six years after the sighting.  Dr. Mack was the first professor in the history of Harvard to be censured by the university without being suspected of ethics violations or misconduct, shortly after his research on the case.  Eventually, Mack was cleared and allowed to continue his research at Harvard.  Sadly, a few years later, he was struck and killed by a drunk driver in London.

Now over twenty years old, the case of the alien sighting in Zimbabwe is still one of the most talked about UFO experience in the world.  If these students, all sixty-two of them, managed to tell the exact same story and keep it straight for over a decade, complete with similar illustrations, they sure have a lot of people – including myself – fooled.

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