2016 has not been the strongest year for horror gaming. Horror enthusiasts have had so many disappointments this year, but it hasn’t been all bad. I am going to briefly go over my favorite horror titles from 2016 and more importantly let you know what to be looking for in 2017.

In my opinion the best AAA horror title of 2016 had to be DOOM. This game had so many incredible moments and everything in the campaign felt familiar and completely new at the same time. The old-school speed and gunplay felt incredibly well balanced. The campaign was fun and challenging aside from a couple of repetitive and dull moments towards the end. Overall DOOM was a classic return to form for the fan favorite franchise.


UNTIL DAWN RUSH OF BLOOD was my favorite Virtual Reality horror game of the year. The fast paced shooter on rails never stopped surprising me. The game was full of so many shocking moments and it is almost endlessly replayable. RUSH OF BLOOD didn’t bother overthinking the story or explaining the horrific imagery and because of this it was a success. The dark ride feel mixed with exciting shootouts made this one stand out in a year full of dull lifeless games.

BLOODBORNE will probably always be my favorite horror RPG but From Software’s “Souls” titles have always used intense horror imagery. DARK SOULS III makes the list because it is intense, disturbing and it made me sweat more than most survival horror games I’ve played in the past. The hordes of tough to kill ghouls and twisted creatures made this conclusion to the DARK SOULS saga unforgettable. I also need to give an honorable mention to the 2016 indie title SALT AND SANTUARY for being an incredibly fun 2D horror RPG in the vein of the “Souls” games.


Unfortunately aside from these mentioned and some fun remasters like the BIOSHOCK COLLECTION, 2016 did not impress me as much as the past couple of years have. The good news is 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for horror gaming and I for one cannot wait. The demos for OUTLAST 2 and RESIDENT EVIL 7 have already pretty much sold me on the terrors that wait in the coming year. Zombies are making a strong return with DEAD ISLAND 2, DEAD RISING 4 and the much anticipated DAYS GONE.

Days Gone

Last but not least we have the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH game that just announced a single player campaign along with the cat and mouse multiplayer matches. 2017 has potential to be the best year for horror gaming ever, let’s hope it can live up to the hype!




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