The Daisho Fishery Company based out of Japan is taking tea to a whole new level with these new Shark shaped Tea bags! The company, which primarily specializes in seafood export, has begun to test the waters in the tea market with a tea bag shaped like a Great White Shark attached to a scuba diver tag.  But these tea bags become even more interesting once it comes time to enjoy them!



Once you pop these tea bags into hot water, you’re in for a gory surprise. The tea bags are filled with a rosehip and hibiscus tea which oozes a red colored hue as the tea steeps, giving off the illusion that the shark is bleeding into the cup and essentially leaving you with nice hot relaxing cup of blood!sharktea1sharktea2

But don’t get to excited just yet as this product is still in the early development stages and is currently being crowdfunded by the Japanese site Makuake which is similar to Kick starter with a goal of 1 million yen (or just under $10,000).  On top of the Great White Shark tea bag there is also a Whale Shark shaped tea bag being developed which will contain green tea and a much less exciting (or disgusting depending on how you look at it) presentation.sharktea4

The crowd funding site has about 3 month’s to hit it’s goal and is already halfway there, so if all goes well these should be on the market sometime around Fall 2016.

Source: Mashable 



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