This years Zombie themed ‘Walking Dead‘ fanatic cruise was such a hit they are setting sail once again in 2017. Sixthman’s ‘Walker Stalker’ cruise is starting pre-sales early this year as the demand was so high. So you don’t want to miss out. we had so many of our followers share pic’s on our social media pages and it looked like an awesome time.

The Walking Dead Cruise


Calling all fans of Skybound’s The Walking Dead! Vacation with some of your favorite actors, as well as a few makeup gurus who make those creepy onscreen walkers the stuff of nightmares.  Relax and enjoy this convention in an intimate setting filled with fun in the sun! Join us February 3-6, 2017 as we sail from Miami on Norwegian Pearl.


‘The Walking Dead’ cast members who attended the last cruise



How can I participate in the pre-sale?

Getting involved in the pre-sale is easy! Register at

Registering for the pre-sale is like virtually saying “I’ve got to be on this party ship!” Those who register will be emailed an Earliest Booking Time after full event details are announced. You can book a cabin at or after your Earliest Booking Time, before we go on sale to the general public.

Please Note: Being a part of the pre-sale does not guarantee that cabins will be left for purchase when it’s your time to book.

How is the booking order determined during the pre-sale?

If you sailed on Walker Stalker Cruise 2016, you are automatically included in the pre-sale, and will be the first group to book.  This group will automatically receive an Earliest Booking Time when full event details are announced.

Anyone who did not sail on Walker Stalker Cruise 2016 should register for the pre-sale.  Those who were on the paid Waiting List for Walker Stalker Cruise 2016 will receive an Earliest Booking Time after alumni, sorted in order of the date they joined the Waiting List.  All others who join the pre-sale will be next and will be randomly assigned an Earliest Booking Time.

Once the pre-sale ends, the general public will be able to book.

Please Note: Being a part of the pre-sale does not guarantee that cabins will be left for purchase when it’s your time to bookEarliest Booking Times will be spread throughout several days so that we may provide you the best possible guest service experience as you make your reservation.

What is a Sixthman Username?

Each guest needs a Sixthman Username to create, manage, or be added to a reservation. Create your username while registering for the pre-sale.

If you have traveled with Sixthman previously or signed up for the Walker Stalker Cruise 2017 Pre-Sale, you have a username and will not need to create one.  If you don’t know your username, you can recover it here. You can also contact us and we will be happy to look it up for you (try our live chat feature or contact us).

Use your Sixthman Username to login throughout the year to update your personal information, make payments, add guests, or make changes to your reservation. To manage your reservation, sign in using your Sixthman Username here.

Go get your name on that list and get on that boat!    Sign up now – Walker Stalker Cruise




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