2 years after the horrible tragedy ‘Zombie Walk’ is returning to San Diego Comic-Con! The group made the announcement via their Facebook page.

That’s right… we’re baaaa-aaaaack! Just in time for our tenth* annual walk during Comic-Con week!

No pre-party, no afterparty… just shuffling through our beloved America’s Finest City with America’s Finest Zombies, during Comic-Con, for the tenth year in a row.

Exact details will be announced soon. Time may change (though there’s a 99% chance it will remain as 6PM). Exact meetup location will be announced by July 10th.

Rumor has it that the Reel Guise Cosplay Walking Dead group will be at the front of the walk this year wink emoticon

Not so rumored… ZombieWalk has teamed up with the Flex Your Rex / Dino-Mite Fun Walk 2016 and the rexes are going to be at the very front of the zombie horde, to eat anyone who gets in our way/tries to slow the flow of zombie shambling! Both events will share a meeting location (TBA in the next week) and time (we’re 99% certain it will remain as 6PM).

This is going to get awesome… zombies may be undead, but dinosaurs are forever!!!

Best. Walk. Ever. Do NOT miss this year… it may be your last chance to shamble with America’s Finest Zombies!

*There may have been a secret ultrashort mini-walk last year for tradition’s sake (oops, did I admit that?)… so it totally counts! ;D

Great news for fans of the walk and SDCC. Visit their Facebook page for up to date details!


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