The Basement - Jackson Davis

Actor Jackson Davis Talks ‘The Basement’ with Exclusive Stills

With Conley Entertainment Group’s feature indie horror film ‘The Basement’ set for its World Premiere on 10/7/2017 at Hollywood, California’s Shriekfest Film Festival (which has nominated it for ‘Best Film’), Terror Time sat down with actor Jackson Davis, who portrays serial killer ‘Bill/The Gemini,’ a man who abducts and brutally tortures famed musician ‘Craig Owen’ (actor Cayleb Long), adopting multiple personalities along the way.

The Basement - Jackson Davis

Co-directed by Brian Conley and Nathan Ives and starring Mischa Barton (‘The Sixth Sense’), Davis (‘Lonelygirl15’), Long, Tracie Thoms (‘Death Proof’), Bailey Anne Borders (‘The Fifth Wave’) and Sarah Nicklin, the plot of ‘The Basement’ (according to the film’s PR) revolves around, “L.A. serial killer Gemini (Davis), who tortures and ultimately murders his victims in the dungeon-like basement of his San Fernando Valley home.  By the time the movie opens, Gemini has already claimed seven victims, all of whom he has horrifyingly maimed and decapitated with a blowtorch, but Craig Owen (Long), who Gemini has chosen for his eighth victim, and Craig’s beautiful wife Kelly (Barton) prove every bit the killer’s equal in the art of psychological warfare, giving rise to one of the more diabolical plot twists in recent memory.”

“The chance to play twelve different characters in one movie,” NYC-transplant Davis offered of his character, who ala Shyamalan’s ‘Split’ is severely and outwardly mentally fractured, “was a gift.  The roles I normally get aren’t quite so broad and definitely not anything like Bill.  So I feel really lucky to have gotten the chance to do it.  There was for sure some time on set where I was like, I’m tired.  I don’t want to do this anymore.  But that was rare.  It wasn’t the easiest part I’ve ever played, but certainly the most rewarding.  And if I ever felt tired I would just look at poor Caleb strapped to that desk, and I’d feel better.”

The Basement - Jackson Davis

Regarding the killer’s pathos, Davis stated, “I think it would be fair to say the abuse he suffered as a child is in direct correlation to who this man has become.  What he witnessed and what he was subjected to as a child was horrendous.  I think that sort of thing when mixed with the right kind of mental health challenges is a recipe for violence.  Anger.  Sadness.  He has a lot of regrets.  I think he blames himself as many children do.  And without the proper guidance, that can continue into adulthood.  Bill is a very sick man.  But in my mind he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong.  In his mind all of this is justified.”

Jackson Davis - The Basement

Worldwide distribution rights for <i>The Basement</i> are currently available, and the film can be found on their official site here – , on
Facebook –, on Twitter @Basement_Movie, and on Instagram at @basementhorrormovie. Tickets to the World Premiere of ‘The Basement’ can be purchased here:

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