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An Interview With Michael Myers: Dick Warlock Gave Me A Choke And Then An Interview

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Stunt Coordinator Dick Warlock, best known for portraying Icon Of Horror Michael Myers, met with me exactly one week ago at CT Horror Fest. After some dude in line brought a dagger enclosed in a sleeved holder (making myself and seemingly Warlock as well, uneasy) and had multiple pictures signed by the Icon, there I was. Getting the honor of meeting Mr. Dick Warlock. Michael Myers. As my moment came, there  I received a choking by Warlock and a frame worthy picture after a firm handshake. The Icon then agreed to be interviewed, check it out below!

Dick Warlock is best known for playing Michael Myers, in the 1981 sequel to John Carpenter’s Halloween, starring Warlock opposite Jamie “Laurie Strode” Lee Curtis and the late Donald “Dr. Loomis” Pleasence.

Warlock fell into being a stunt coordinator with the help of persistence in the industry on his side and with the help of actor/stuntman Jerry Vance. Vance helped Warlock get a gig with Bill Ward at Studios Sables. Ward later gave Warlock a part in his Marty Robbins starred flick, “Ballad Of A Gunfighter”, which was Warlock’s ticket for eligibility in the Screen Actor’s Guild as an actor/stuntman. Once in, Warlock went on to be in Walt Disney flicks, be a stunt-double for Kurt Russell and later on to become the iconic Michael Myers.

Halloween 2

Tom Holland’s Terror Time: Well Mr. Warlock, your resume reads like a novel; Between starring as “The Shape” to having part in ‪Friday The 13th: New Beginning‬, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Pumpkinhead, to Casino and Married With Children….after all that plus some, what would you say your craziest on-set memory would be? Did anything noteworthy perhaps happen on-set really funny or….

Dick Warlock: Yes, ‪on Friday 5.‬  Tom Morga as Jason was standing by a tree in a flashback. The camera was shooting a POV out of the back window or door (can’t remember which) and I was in the upstairs window above the crew looking down at Tom. I turned my back on and pulled down my pants and mooned him. We just talked about that at the convention in CT. Last weekend.

THT: Being-as-it-may you’ve had part in Casino and Married With Children, could you share any [further] memories?

DW: Even though I’d worked with DeNiro on Midnight Run when I showed up for Casino, he acted like it was the first time he ever saw me. He didn’t say a word to me during the rehearsal or any other time. I know when he gets into character he can become one … but ???

THT: You’re credited for a couple of films by ‪John Carpenter‬, ‪Halloween II‬, Halloween III, The Thing and ‪Escape From New York‬ …I’m curious: What’s John Carpenter like?! I mean he looks soooo chill, but with you in Halloween II…I mean dumping that girl in the hot tub or lifting that nurse with the knife! Did his demeanor ever change? Is he a perfectionist?

DW: Rick Rosenthal was the director on 99% of the shoot.  John came in for three added scenes. The town square where the Boombox boy, who is my youngest son Lance. The killing of Anne as well as the crossing to her house and looking in the window and one more that I don’t remember.  He was always Mr. Cool. Never got his feathers ruffled.

THT: Well speaking of –ya’ know the scene with the nurse and the hot tub—, were you uncomfortable at all? Or at all with any of the violence within the film? I mean granted the film wasn’t even close to be, about as violent as films nowadays, but still…

DW: Doing the hot tub scene was easy because we worked it out between Pamela and myself that after I pushed her head down she would put a little pressure against my hand telling me she was ready to come up. When you have actors like that it makes things easy. I was wearing two hats on the shoot. Stunt coordinator and actor.  Playing Michael and watching out for the actors and their safety at the same time.

THT: While on the subject, in the same film you walked through a freakin’ window!!! What. Was. That. Like?! I mean..wow! It was awesome!

DW: The special effects guys took care of that. It’s a special kind of material that the windows were made of. I had a moments hesitation because of the resistance of the glass as I broke through but that would be the case with a real window, that is if you could even break a real one like that.

THT: After you stopped becoming Michael Myers, I’m kinda curious..did you still stay up-to-date with the franchise? Like did you still watch the rest of the sequels as a fan?….

DW: No. In all honesty I’m not a fan of the new films because of the over abundance of killing for killing sake, the blood and gore and the nudity and language.  I’m not a prude but come on. What ever happened to the idea of telling a story for the story’s sake.  John sure accomplished that in the first one.

THT: Halloween 2018 is moving forward with Jamie Lee (acting) and ‪John Carpenter‬ (as executive producer)…what are your thoughts?

DW: Have a grand time counting the cash. I’m glad that Jamie is back. She is a classy lady and the fans love here so why not.

THT: Would you still be open to become Michael Myers? (You still have a pretty good choking grip [laughs])

DW: Look, who [would] want a stooped over 77 year old codger playing Myers.

THT: Well even in general, as being somebody who has portrayed the Icon Of Horror, such as Michael Myers, what would be your thoughts on the choices for the character? In other words, do you think other actors did “The Shape” justice and whom do you feel is worthy to suit up for Halloween 2018?

DW: I’m going to claim the 5th on that one. Brad Loree is still my favorite.  Right size … right walk. What else can you ask for.

From there Mr. Warlock and I ended our interview. You could read more about the Icon at DickWarlock.com

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