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TT: Ms. Wallace it is a great pleasure to speak with you and have you answer some questions for the Terror Time audience! Before we jump into anything horror, I am curious. In the last ten years, you have been a part of over twenty television series and soap operas. Talk about the draw of television and do you prefer the shooting schedule and the pace of television to film shooting schedules as you have matured in your work as an actress?

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DW: I prefer a good role! I prefer the freedom in the creation process that you seem to have more of in film work, and I prefer NOT to sit around waiting to work! LOL! So they both have their good points and bad.

TT: In more than four decades of television, short films, features and such, as an actress, what has been the greatest change in the industry that has affected you?

DW: I believe it has to do with the huge corporations, which are not “creatively driven” that have taken over the studios. I think it is ridiculous that actors who have been successfully proving themselves for forty years have to audition now. I think it is unfortunate that once you have done a show, you usually are not asked back in any other season because you have “done it.” It never used to be that way.

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TT: You have worked with so many different actors and actresses over the decades. What actor and director have pushed your limits and helped you cultivate such memorable performances?

DW: You know; I think I push my own limits. I very rarely think I have gone as far as I could (one exception of that is Cujo). But I would have to say Blake Edwards. He really directed me into a nuanced performance in 10.

TT: We see you working with so many different level filmmakers, talk about working with the younger generation of filmmakers especially in last ten years? Any particular filmmaker that you have connected with?

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DW: Sure. J.T. Mollner and Harrison Smith. I love working with new talent IF they are talented. And I find many! They have new eyes and they are hungry. And I feel, and hope, that they learn something from working with me, also.

TT: Your personality is infectious and you are so driven to put out a positive message and quality performances. How does it make you feel to see such love from peers and fans at horror shows and conventions?

DW: I love my fans. I love their love and their stories of how my work interweaves with their lives. Horror fans are the most loyal, wonderful people!

TT: You have amazing staying power and an incredible career! A lot of study, practice, range and experience goes into that, to have your success. What advice have you given to your daughter during her journey into film and acting?

DW: Be happy. Be responsible. Be brave. And have a very thick skin which you rip off when you hear “action.”

TT: What is next for you and where can the fans see you coming up?

DW: I have a series on Amazon Prime now called “Just Add Magic.” Just finished a raw horror film in Australia called Red Christmas, and I am off in March to shoot an incredibly eerie and weird and wonderful film called Ayla. Also, am hoping that Death Wish gets made soon and I actually get an offer!

TT: And we can’t forget to address this amazing passion project you have called. BuppaLaPaloo…The Most Powerful Bear on the Planet We invite everyone to check out the website as well as

Thank you again for taking the time and joining us Ms. Wallace!

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