13639897_843283929149063_1012581618_oJK: By the way congrats on all the love and praise for “Midian Unmade”! Could you talk about your writing and how has that been progressing overall? Also, how has the influx of small market and micro publishing houses affected “Dark Delicacies” selection, store inventory and choices for the fans? Also, how has the monthly “The Writers Coffeehouse” been progressing? Why is that get together so beneficial for all involved?

DH: “Midian Unmade” was nominated for a “Stoker Award for Superior Achievement” in an Anthology and I was at the award ceremony in Las Vegas. We did not win but in this case (as opposed to the cliché) being nominated is the prize because it makes your agent and editors sit up and speak about future projects. It also helps to increase sales. I have been nominated for a Stoker four times and won once. I’m trying not to become the Susan Lucci of horror awards. I’ve also been nominated for a “Shirley Jackson Award” and the “Black Quill”. The store has also won the “Il Posts Nero” from Italy.

Small press has always been around, thank goodness, to promote new voices in the genre that wouldn’t yet sell enough copies for the major publishing houses to print. E-books has jumped in there also. But in all the different formats the major problems I see are getting distribution of the product and finding a way (without the hands on browsing that a bookstore affords) for the customer to discern between books and authors as far as quality. At this point it is all shaking down but anything, no matter the quality, can get out in the marketplace and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.


The writer’s coffeehouse is a great thing that was started by Jonathan Mayberry. He runs the one at “Mysterious Galaxy” in San Diego and the one up here at “Dark Delicacies” is an off-shoot run by Peter Clines. There’s a lot of angst at these meetings but a lot of info moving around also. I know of no other gatherings where writers of every strata, including never published a word, can sit together and mutually solve problems. But it isn’t only that. Writing is a solitary art and getting together with like-minded individuals is good for the soul.

JK: The road is long and time short. Talking to Luis Ceriz up in Toronto as the end of an era with “Suspect Video” comes this year, it will change his life entirely and open new doors to walk through. I know you and Sue love what you do, even with highs and lows. However, both of you have other dreams and goals outside of the store. Have you thought about that next step in your lives with the store especially with your recently announced venture with “Vega Baby”?

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