2016 Horror Films to Watch For: She Kills / Written and Directed by Ron Bonk

“I had seen and distributed so many of these 70’s exploitation and grindhouse movies. If I had not seen them I had picked up the catalogs especially when I was younger and I would just read the titles and descriptions of these movies. My imagination of what these movies would be about were so much bigger and better than what they really were after watching them. Those movies really stuck with me and a lot of crazy points, a lot those movies, themes, plot points, characters stuck with me.” – SHE KILLS

Filmmaker Ron Bonk talking about the influences that went into his latest release.

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There is a filmmaking mind that sits in New York State and has been a pillar of the underground film community for years. He runs SRS Cinema LLC (http://www.srscinema.com)… he is the underground film mastermind Ron Bonk! Creating indie and underground films for nearly 25 years as a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, editor and more (over 50 film credits total). His latest homage to the 1970’s grindhouse/exploitation flicks entitled SHE KILLS pays proper respect to a beloved cult cinema style as well as films like THE CROW, STAR WARS, DEATH WISH, SCANNERS, the Kung FU genre and more. SHE KILLS takes every aspect (I mean every aspect) of gross, exploitive and cult cinema in one big goofy and gross package ready to be enjoyed with no fear or prejudice! Why this film may not be for everyone, humor and horror (no matter how gross) is a tough formula to master.

The story takes place when Sadie and her fiancé Edward are being assaulted by a greaser named Reggie. They escape and get ready to move forward with their lives by getting married and heading for a romantic location on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, the gang that Reggie is a member of “The Touchers”, break into their room assaulting, touching, humping and in the process killing Edward. Being cursed with a “Fire Crotch”, Sadie’s lady parts effect the gang in an unusual way as they are turned into primal beasts (who cannot control their lust) instead of human beings. When “The Touchers” awake after the attack, they find what they have done, escaping the scene but leaving Sadie. Now “The Touchers” want to finish their business but have to deal with the ramifications as Sadie is on a revenge mission from hell against the gang! In the process of Sadie coming of age and accepting her destiny, she must stop those being lustfully influenced by her “Fire Crotch” (father, brother and more), battle the forces against her, get vengeance and exorcise the devil from down below with a “Space Exorcism” that may unlock her “special” power and gift.
Made for only $8000, Bonk shows with SHE KILLS that he can utilize resources and make a quality film as a producer and/or a filmmaker. As a filmmaker, fans and peers have come to see a creative talent making films on a no budget to micro budget platform over the last two decades. SHE KILLS showcases this talent as it is filled with tons of raunchy humor, exploitation homage action sequences, practical effects, nudity and inappropriate content that hits the spot for fans of this genre of horror!
With Bonk, the cultivating of the story and cast began with early influences of grindhouse descriptions, titles and stories. “A lot of them I just read the plot synopsis and the title and some of the juicy details was all I needed. It was so easy to populate SHE KILLS. Each character was another character I had seen in other grindhouse movie,” said Bonk. This rings true, as you see so many connections to so many films starting back especially in the 1970’s. One of the charms of this film is the acting is so over the top but not in a way that brings it down or drown it. For me, the over top performances fit what Bonk’s vision turned out to be with SHE KILLS. All the characters are one big bag of insane from Sadie’s martial arts father, her Asian brother, the gypsy, to “The Touchers” gang led by the well “mustached” leader Dirk who looks like he just walked off an hdsexvideo xxx film set. The gang as a whole covers every exploitation stereotype. Each member brings a different element, personality and set of quarks to the film that gives you a John Waters’s type of vibe. Special not to David Royale who plays the Neanderthal “Blue” and his ability to color. The character of “Sadie” performed by Jennie Russo was a great casting, as she played the most complex role in the film. Balancing her performance with humor and hell, Russo was kick ass in her dramatic moments, fight scenes (especially the bar scene and “The Touchers” layer) as well as hilarious sex scenes making Sadie more than just a show piece.

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On the practical side, Bonk, visual effects artist Tony Masiello and special effects artist Colby Flinchum definitely parlayed their resources creating very cool effect sequences like the bar fight against members of “The Touchers” (so many jokes that it will make you wet your pants), an unconventional game of catch, the infamous space exorcism and of course the lustful family fight! Captured with timing, humor and great camera framing by Bonk, the visuals stick with you and give you appreciation of the underground film community and what they are doing. Even the costumes for those involved reeked of the 1970’s film fashion with each character having a distinctive look especially Sadie whose wardrobe changes as she changes.

Watching SHE KILLS reminds me that why there is plenty to question and find fault with the film, it’s not to be taken serious and the inappropriate material does not always deserve a stigma but instead a laugh, a lot of laughs… Those add spots of humor just like the sound design and score for the film by composer Emmett Van Slyke set the tone that made SHE KILLS that much more enjoyable and kick ass in all of its grindhouse glory.

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We will see how SHE KILLS is received in 2016. Again, it is not a film for everyone by any stretch so BE WARNED. However, for horror fans who are willing to take a chance on underground film making whether at a film festival, Blu-Ray, DVD or VOD and deal with the goofy and raunchy content of this film, you are in for a treat! Filled with gore, nudity, lots of bloody action, touching, sexuality, disgusting humor and visuals, a ton of homage to the 1970’s grindhouse/exploitation, independent filmmaking beauty and just plain fun, SHE KILLS is out to offend, make you laugh and entertain those willing to dare this indie gem! Find out more at the SRS Cinema Website or on Facebook at Facebook- She Kills Movie

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