Image: UnCork'd Entertainment

The Folk Horror wave just continues to gather momentum, with terrifying films from around the world tapping into ancient lore for maximum nightmares. After haunting audiences at prestigious festivals including Sitges, FrightFest and BiFan, Jeremy Pikwane’s feature film debut Tokoloshe is based on a monstrous being from Zulu folklore, and it’s being heralded as one of the year’s must-see horror titles.

Tokoloshe tells the story of Busi, a young woman desperate for money and tormented by a traumatic past. She is posed with a very different kind of crisis shortly after she finds a job cleaning a rundown Johannesburg hospital, where she meets a young abandoned girl who claims she is being pursued by a relentless supernatural predator. Busi is soon forced to face her own personal demons in order to save the child from the monster that is now pursuing them both.

Tokoloshe premieres on North American digital platforms and physical media on December 3rd from UnCork’d Entertainment. Here’s the chilling trailer…

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