“Alice Sweet Alice” A celebration of a cult masterpiece with Amy Humphries

This year marks the 40th anniversary of this 1976 cult originate classic. Bountiful with Catholic iconography, omnipotent use of the “zoom-shot” and beautiful bloodshed! Director Alfred Sole truly gifted us with this gothic gold. Set in the 1960’s, we meet Karen (Brooke Shields). The stunning, favored youngest of two sister, The setup of the film leads to Karen being murdered while attempting to receive her first communion. Paula E. Sheppard plays the older envious and deviant older sister, Alice. Alice immediately quickens the guilty finger pointing by others and the “whodunnits” begin. Paula met her task of selling us as a 12-year-old girl with brilliance! What is even more impressive, she was 19 years old at the time! I thoroughly enjoyed the diversified conflicts between the two sisters and the resulting relatability. It hit an emotional connection too in all their believability. Who hasn’t had the perceived “perfect” sibling, divorced parents with adolescent confusion, religious force feedings, secret hide out and a raincoat. Not sure I will ever wrap my head around the prominent doll in the film and why one face wasn’t enough. I digress.

I was fortunate enough to dialogue(I would say speak, makes you more relatable and doesn’t sound as high falootin lol) with Dante Tomaselli on the films significant significance to his family lineage and his desires for its possible plans in the future. “I love Alice, Sweet Alice, originally titled Communion, with all my heart. My cousin, Alfred Sole directed and co-wrote the religious chiller when I was a little boy in the 70’s. Right now I’m composing soundscapes for a remake in development. I always like to experiment with themes before a film is even shot and I’ve done this on all my features. I’m honoring the film’s original music, of course. Stephen Lawrence’s macabre and dreamlike compositions will be remastered and featured during key sequences. While there have been a number of false-alarms throughout the years, co-writer Michael Gingold and I are confident that production is on the horizon and you won’t hear me talking about it anymore until I’m on the set directing it.~ Dante Tomaselli


It was an honor to have this moment with Dante! To also give to mystery, I’m purposely not detailing the films play by-play lyrically. Search engines have ya covered. Reviews are one person’s opinion on something but I urge you to experience this film for yourself! “Communion”, “Holy Terror” or the tattooed title, as we know and love her, “Alice Sweet Alice” is nothing shy of horror greatness.


Alice Sweet Alice

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