Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ is being made into a survival horror video game.

As reported by Variety, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched with a goal of $900,000 in hopes of bringing Apocalypse Now back to life. The game adaption will be set around the events of the movie and will put the player in the middle of the horrific Vietnam War. The story will follow Captain Benjamin Willard and his journey. The player will be faced with hard choices and tough calls that will mold the story and shape the world around the characters. This will all supposedly stay within the confines of the movie for the sake of continuity.

The developers seem to be very adamant that this is not going to be a run of the mill shooter. They even state in the Kickstarter that “This is not Call of Duty in Vietnam”. They promise a unique war gaming experience.

The player will come face to face with unspeakable terrors all through the psychedelic filter of Francis Ford Coppola. The game even has the legendary filmmaker’s approval. Stealth and survival will be the main focus of this game and scavenge for resources will be a must if you want to stay alive. The game will use several characters from the world of Apocalypse Now while adding new story elements that expand on the source material. Currently, the game is a long way out from the Kickstarter goal but we hope that this game gets made! We will keep you posted as more details come in.


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