Werefrog. Yes, you read that right. With his new film, BAD BLOOD writer/director, Tim Reis has brought horror fans a fantastic throwback creature feature and the source of the glorious carnage throughout the film is a werefrog. If you’ve been looking for a fun, escape that’s reminiscent of the creature amok films of yesteryear then you’re in luck.

Bad Blood 3

BAD BLOOD is writer/director, Tim Reis’s feature debut and from the jump you can tell he knows the storied history of creature features. With an opening scene in a basement lab we are given a nice twist on the mad scientist of yore when news breaks on the radio of an escaped convict. By the reaction of our mad scientist/gas station attendant (Vikas Adam) you can tell this isn’t a good sign of things to come. Steeped in the beauty of a full moon and fog we are introduced to Mary Malloy (Victoria Miller) who is a college student who’s going back home with her mom and step dad. Little do they know that right outside of the car on the desolate road the carnage of the werefrog is reigning. Later that night Mary has a fight with her step dad and like any angry teen she steals the family car and heads out for a night of partying with a friend. When they stop for gas at a rundown station they are attacked by the werefrog and Mary is infected with the amphibious curse. Fast forward a month later and we find that Mary is still missing in the eyes of her family who’s hired quite possibly the most unhinged private eye ever. Of course it has to be drugs that are the cause in the eyes of the adults. Which honestly isn’t too far from the truth. Mary who’s recovered from her attack with help from the twitchy scientist/gas station attendant is frantically waiting for a cure for what ails her now that she’s infected. Turns out there’s not a definitive cure and it’s all a wait and see game in regards to the massive frog that’s become a guinea pig for the scientist’s cure attempts. Mary knows time is of the essence and if she doesn’t stay on the meds to keep her symptoms at bay it could get slimy when the moon is full. This is all compounded when the PI finds her and returns her to her parents. Who once again blame drugs for all the problems which is ironic because once the last dose of her meds/drugs are destroyed and the full moon rises her grotesque transformation begins and all ribbets are off.

Bad Blood 2

Being a creature feature it’s utterly fantastic to see that Tim went with an all practical FX approach and gave CGI the middle finger. James Sizemore (THE DEMON’S ROOK, GOAT WITCH) provides a fantastic werefrog design and the beheading’s, slashing’s, and gore ooze with glee. Hollywood big wigs need to take notice that when it comes to horror, practical makeup FX make all the difference in the world. It’s amazing what Tim and crew did with a small budget and my highest praise goes to the cast and crew. Not a weak link in the group. This is a modern day creature film done right. My only complaint is that I wanted more as the final credits rolled. I wasn’t ready for the film to end and I’m hoping a sequel will continue the story in all of its gooey croaking glory. BAD BLOOD is currently playing the festival circuit and will be screening at FRIGHT FEST later this month.







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