“It’s just a color… but it burns…”

One of the most-anticipated genre films of this year is also a career landmark for director Richard Stanley, who won a massive cult following with his 1990 feature debut Hardware and the critically acclaimed follow-up Dust Devil, but nevertheless fought a long and difficult battle back to the big screen since being fired from the troubled 1996 production of The Island of Doctor Moreau (as documented in David Gregory’s acclaimed feature Lost Soul).

But Stanley seems poised for a major comeback this year, thanks to the positive reception for his feature adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale The Colour Out of Space. The original story has been adapted for the screen several times previously (including 1965’s Die, Monster Die! with Boris Karloff and The Curse in 1987, as well as a 2010 German production sticking closer to the original text), but never like this: Stanley’s psychedelic, metaphysical horror/sci-fi film has been blowing minds at festivals around the world, and it’s headed for US screens on early next year.

The film stars Nicolas Cage (who won praise for his role in Panos Cosmatos’ psychedelic tour-de-force Mandy) and Joely Richardson (Event Horizon) as a couple living on their family farm with their two children. Their idyllic life takes a sudden, astronomically dark turn after a meteorite lands on their property and begins to exert a bizarre and horrifying influence on every living thing in the vicinity.

The Color Out of Space makes its theatrical premiere on January 24, 2020. In the meantime, a new trailer for the film has just dropped, and you can finally get a taste of what all the mind-blowing excitement is about…

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