Burying_the_ExBurying the Ex (2015) – Written by Alan Trezza and Directed by Joe Dante (Voltage Pictures/Elevated Productions/Act 4 Entertainment/Scooty Woop Elite/ArtImage Entertainment/Image Entertainment)


“We share a lot of things about our upbringing (with Alan Trezza) even though he is younger than I. I can’t help but sort of bring the elements of the movie that I loved when I was kid into various projects I do.” – Director Joe Dante

Finding a formula of quality and quantity, legendary horror filmmaker Joe Dante brings you the story of an undead love triangle full of dark heart entitled BURYING THE EX. Shot on location in Los Angeles, California showcasing kick ass settings like the very busy Echo Park Lake and infamous burial grounds for of the famous the Hollywood Forever Cemetery comes a story about Max (Anton Yelchin), Evelyn (Ashley Greene) and Olivia (Alexandria Daddario) and their wicked undead love story. Struggling with a relationship that he may not be right for, finding the one who may be and looking to fulfill his dreams of selling the items of horror and the damned, Dante talked about the status of lead character Max, “He essentially trapped in this relationship that has its benefits.”

burying-the-ex-movieNever an easy trick to balance horror romance and/or comedy, Dante and writer Trezza find a way to work in all three film styles with a fluidity that is perfect for an undead date night. Dante, who has created so many classic horror and science fiction genre films adds to the iconic list including pillars like GREMLINS 1 & 2, SMALL SOLIDERS, INNERSPACE, EERIE, IN and more! BURYING THE EX finds the mark for me as a horror movie fan giving the fans of all these genres something to feel fulfilled whether its gore, laughter, sex or romance. Dg a lot of television lately, Dante had been developing this project for a while and as usual through himself fully into the process. “This is one of the several projects I was developing over the last several years. Making the movie was a little more like THE BURBS. It was a character picture about human behavior and not a gimmick movie. It gets very I LOVE LUCYish,” said Dante.

Joe Dante BTEContinuing to work with another talented leading man (think Tom Hanks, John Goodman, Dennis Quaid or Zach Galligan) and a quality and beautiful cast that included Yelchin (Odd Thomas), Greene (Twlight), Daddario (Texas Chainsaw 3D), Oliver Copper (Project X) and a special cameo by legend Dick Miller (Gremlins and so much more!). Bringing evident chemistry that allows freedom to cultivate fitting and unforgettable performances, Dante talked about the personal touch to the main character Max, “I recognized a lot of myself in the lead character.” Unlike a majority of horror films where it is focused on one or two main leads and the remainder of the cast is nothing more than visual support and lack of substance, writer Trezza and Dante never allow that to happen giving depth and meat to the quartet of characters including Max’s love interest and one part of the twisted triangle Olivia. “She’s really too good to be true. She’s gorgeous and funny and we can attest loves horror movies, that’s not easy to find,” laughed Dante.

Based on a wish of love forever from the infamous horror prop the SATAN GENIE (which Dante has one), this film has so much different styles of humor and gags including plenty of comic timing, clever dialogue and dark humor. Cooper who plays Travis is incredible in his role of womanizer, half-brother to Max who from the first frame plays that little devil on Max’s shoulder. Dante discussed how a film can change with the intelligence behind the jokes and dialogue in BURYING THE EX, “Some of the funniest lines we shot were adlibbed. Everyone starts out to make a certain movie, you have to perfect the movie you are making.  As opposed to exactly what you see on the page.” The writing is very clever and very modern tone which is always welcomed for generations of smart horror fans! Trezza, a graduated of Montclair State University in New Jersey found a lot of similar interests and connections to Dante who also grew up in the northern part of Jersey. . “I thought he had a good ear for the contemporary dialogue,” Dante said on Trezza’s screenplay. BURYING THE EX according to Dante, the film was based on a short film by Trezza.

thumbnail_21702BURYING THE EX showcases great practical and visual FX work. Spread throughout the film, the deterioration of Evelyn’s undead face and hair stood out to me with believable decomposition that continues to get worse and worse as the film goes forward! Creating this film on short time line, Dante also made sure in pre-production and planning to bring on a very detailed production/art design team (Joseph Feld, Scott Fort, Geoffrey Brown, Erika Rice plus many more) giving an authentic feel that tailors itself to generations of horror fans by creating and decorating sets like Bloody Mary’s Shop, Max’s apartment and the Shriek Shake with generational horror decorations, memorable, films and props. Hats off to the music department and especially Ryan Gaines, Michael Wickstrom and composer Joseph LoDuca who crafted an eclectic soundtrack and very fitting score that shines through creating an atmosphere while capturing the romance, death or the actions of the undead. “One of the things that suffers the most in low budget movie is the score. There wasn’t a lot time and he came through playing all the instruments himself (LoDuca).”

Overall, BURYING THE EX continues to show that Dante has never lost his touch to create horror for all generations. Both Trezza and Dante being a horror fans (for many years), makes this a very personal film project that I believe they wanted to be an escape from the world around us and a chance again to believe in not only the chaotic journey of love, following your dreams but the emotional and creative callings of horror! Check out one of the best horror genre films of 2015 right now on Netflix, VOD, DVD and Blu-Ray! Plus listen to Joe Dante’s conversations on-demand from the HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW talking MASTERS OF HORROR, DARK, BURYING THE EX and more right now at http://HORRORHAPPENS.COM

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