I digress as I begin this article that even though it is women in horror month, women in horror should be celebrated year long. For the past few years the genre has been spearheaded with male dominance with mostly females serving as an audience. Now the script has flipped, literally, and more and more women are showcasing their creative work and drive to the masses.

As women, we often have to work harder than others and network at a much faster pace. However, as we all know, the challenge is just part of the journey and as we make our way to our destination, we don’t look back. Many women have been celebrated as they all should be! From directors, writers, makeup artists, screenwriters, bloggers, aspiring writers, short story creators and the dreamers. There hasn’t been a better time in history to live out that dream.

Celebrating Women In Horror

Horror festival founder/director Denise Gossett currently spearheads the coveted Shriekfest Film Festival. The festival celebrated its sweet sixteen revel last year and broadcasted a mass of talent to the audience. Denise’s bottom line has always been to expose the talented filmmakers and their work. She has become a solid icon in the filmmaking industry as well as a mentor of sorts.

Pioneer horror icon Jessica Lange has morphed into many different identities on FX’s hit show, “American Horror Story.” Jessica has truly captivated an audience and has forayed a cult following that strictly watch the shows because of her. From roles as a sadistic housewife, to a legless carnie, frightening nun, down to a witch. Each character was so vivid in portrayal that it would be hard pressed for Jessica not to nail any persona.

Innovating horror into everyday food is not an easy task. But, it is a tasty one. Kaci Hansen, The Homicidal Homemaker, has been whipping up horror for the last few years and her work is impressive. From Nightmare on Elm Street Soul Pizzas to zombie finger food. This master chef has put forth the love of horror into her art.

Then there are those chance individuals who we meet that invoke that hopefulness to keep on pushing. Sarah Simek Fitzpatrick is a film producer at Scary Endings. The creative group has created a series of horror shorts that has been gaining a following and we could expect great things from this lovely lady in the future.

Horror is fun. We watch it. It scares us. We go to bed safely at night after watching a scary flick with just our imagination in tow. But, what if you had to live real life death and mutiny on a daily basis? Mortician Caitlin Doughty lives with crematory and cream puffs in the same sentence and is the mortuary expert. Her work in the field has spawned the ever so lovely, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” book which details her work. Inspiration and innovation have come from Caitlin’s background as well as a rumored television show. Stay tuned.

This list would  be nowhere complete without acknowledging our very own tireless and fearless leader, Creative Director Amy Humphries. Amy has worked over zealously to create what is Tom Holland’s Terror Time. Her kind character, consideration, and personality have become a staple for the iconic brand.

This list is no means “the best of the best.” It is a plight to showcase that yes, you can do it! You can make your dreams come tomorrow and stay on track. Every single person on this thread has had their share of struggles. However, they remained true to their path and are an inspiration to us all.

Stay strong fellow ghouls, our flight has just begun.

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