One thing most horror fans have in common other than our love for having the living hell scared out of us is that most of us have unhealthy, almost hoarder amount of horror collectibles and no matter how large our collections get, we always find new awesome items to add (thank you internet!).  Well if you happen to be as big of a fan of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser as I am, you probably have a multitude of items modeled after the infamous Lament Configuration puzzle box which is the source to summon the demonic Cenobites.  Well thanks to the ScreamForMeInc etsy shop, we have a whole new way to summon Pinhead and the gang with this amazing Configuration Box End Table!

table 1

table 2

Details from the etsy store are as follows :

This is a wooden end table that measures 20″ x 20″ of surface area and is approx. 20″ tall. The center contains 4 8″ scratch resistant ceramic tiles which make up the lament configuration from Hellraiser **Note: The table will not come assembled! You will only need to attach the legs. All hardware is included.

The table is available for $160.00 and is listed as a made to order, hand made item.  As listed above this product does not come fully assembled and I don’t think I need to warn you about what consequences generally follow when messing around with a puzzle box, so assemble with caution!  On a more serious note this is an incredibly detailed item and for a hand made collectible definitely worth the asking price.  So head on over to etsy and check out ScreamForMeInc, They have such sights to show you!

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HELLRAISER CONFIGURATION TABLE will tear your home apart



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