Die Antwoord Makes A Horror Short Film

Die Antwoord – Tommy Can’t Sleep

While the band announced last year that they would be hanging up their mics after their last album it is clearly not the last we will see of them or their creativity. The film stars Sixteen Jones, Jack Black and Yolandi. The film is about a boy who can’t sleep because of the scratching a rat is making in his bedroom. Sixteen Jones is the daughter of Yolandi and Ninja. Yolandi also makes an appearance in the film .It’s pure craziness and pure Die Antwoord. Enjoy the short horror film below.

TOMMY CANT SLEEP because there’s rats in his room and his stupid fuckin dumb bitch mom doesn’t believe him.

A short film by Die Antwoord. Starring 16 Jones and Jack Black. Directed by ¥o-landi Vi$$er. Art directed by Roger Ballen. Music by The Black Goat.

Die Antwoord Makes A Horror Short Film



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