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Two of horror’s beloved films turn one year older today. A hockey masked malevolence and a comic book full of creeps that come to life, which one of these make your favorite horror movies list? Both make ours.

Let’s take a look at these favorite horror movies celebrating their cinematic birthdays today.

CREEPSHOW 2 (1987)

CREEPSHOW 2 is divided into three stories, conducted by a leading segment where a boy that loves the horror comic book Creepshow buys seeds of carnivorous plant and is bullied by four teenagers. Meanwhile the Creep tells the tales of Creepshow: (1) “Old Chief Wood’nhead” – The elders Ray (George Kennedy) and Martha Spruce (Dorothy Lamour) have lived their whole life and raised their family with their small store in an Arizona town. Now the town is economically decadent and Ray gives credit to his costumers including the Indians of Ben Whitemoon’s tribe. When Ray is repairing the wooden statue of an old chief in the front door, Ben (Frank Salsedo) arrives and asks him to keep the jewels of his tribe as a guarantee for their debts. However, Ben’s nephew Sam (Holt McCallany) unexpectedly arrives with two other punks to steal Ray, and he kills the elders. They expect to travel to Hollywood, but the Old Chief Wood’nhead will not let them go.

“The Raft” – The teenagers Deke (Paul Satterfield) and Randy (Daniel Beer) travel with Laverne (Jeremy Green) and Rachel (Page Hannah) to a lake expecting to smoke weed, swim and get laid. They swim to a raft that is floating in the middle of the lake, but they discover a carnivorous blob in the lake that is hungry.

The Hitchhiker” – In Maine, the unfaithful Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) stays too long having sex with her escort and is late to meet her husband in the airport. She drives her Mercedes Bens in a hurry and loses control on the road. Annie runs over a hitchhiker, but she does not help the man and hit-and-run, questioning whether she can live with the situation. She discovers that the hitchhiker will not leave her.


Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Two months later after Crystal Lake’s brutal massacre, Alice (Adrienne King), wakes up after dreaming about Mrs. Voorhees’ decapitation. She talks on the phone to her mother, then she takes a shower and decides to boil the kettle. When she opens the fridge, she finds Mrs Voorhees’ severed head, before being stabbed in the head with an ice pick by a unidentified assailant.

Five years later, a group of young adults have come to Crystal Lake to attend a counselor training center that has been set up near the now-condemned Camp Crystal Lake. While some counselors, named Jeff (Bill Randolph) and Sandra (Marta Kober), are in town on their way to the facility, the town drunkard Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney) appears and tells the counselors to turn back, as the young counselors five years ago did not heed his warning. At the camp, Paul (John Furey), the leader of the group, explains how camp counseling is a serious job, and that the main danger in this area is bears. Ginny (Amy Steel), Paul’s former girlfriend, arrives in her broken-down Volkswagon and attends the meeting as well.

All it take is a story around the fire and the horror begins again!

Sequels that were were almost better than their originals! We love these films.

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