Once of the most enduring horror films is ‘The Exorcist’ starring Linda Blair and directed by William Friedkin. Now the director has turned his camera’s on his own film with the documentary about ‘The Exorcist’ titled ‘The Devil and Father Amorth’ where Friedkin dives deep into the film and the world of exorcism.


Deadline reports Friedkin, of course, directed the screen adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist in 1973 which had moviegoers lining up around the block to see it. The documentary looks at how the exorcism in the movie compares to a real exorcism. The film’s title comes from the filmmaker’s ability to attend Father Gabiele Amorth’s ninth exorcism — it took place with an Italian woman who had been experiencing behavioral changes and “fits” that could not be explained by psychiatry; they became worse during Christian holidays.

Known as the “Dean of exorcists,” Father Amorth performed thousands of these rituals to rid evil from the human body. On the Italian woman, Father Amorth and the demon inside the woman began conversing in Latin, a language that the woman did not know. The priest has since died (at the age of 91).

“This film really shook me to the core,” Liddell told Deadline. “It made me wonder if this is possible, demonic possessions.”


Added Friedkin in a statement: “I never stopped being fascinated by the nature of good and evil and the possibility of demonic possession. The opportunity for me to witness and film an actual exorcism came about more than four decades after I made The Exorcist completely by accident.” The filmmaker is in post on the documentary now.


LD and Friedkin previously worked together on the 2011 indie film Killer Joe which was based on the Pultizer Prize-winning play from Tracy Letts and starred Matthew McConaughey.

source: Deadline

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