Filmmaker, Todd Sheets has unleashed a beast of a trailer for his upcoming werewolf opus, Bonehill Road and from watching the trailer we are in for a full moon’s worth of Practical F/X werewolf carnage and yet another A+ showing from horror royalty, Linnea Quigley. Feast your eyes on the trailer and read on for more info on the film that promises an original take on the classic lycanthrope terror. Linnea Quigley and werewolves are a must watch for any horror fan.


From the looks of the trailer and the photos that have been released thus far, Todd and his crew have far exceeded what their budget would allow when it comes to making a 100% Practical FX werewolf film. I always say that what the genre needs to get back to is inventiveness and Practical FX and Bonehill Road is bringing both of those in spades. While we wait for Bonehill Road to premiere, Todd’s film, Dreaming Purple Neon arrives online and in stores on October 17th. Follow BoneHill Road on social media at the link below and make sure you don’t get stuck outside once the bad moon rises.

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