DEATH WARD 13 looks to be a promising remake of the classic 1973 film DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT. The film, directed by the award-winning Todd Nunes is currently in pre-production. The plot centers on Stephens Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane as it prepares to close its doors for good. The movie will follow four nurses that are trapped inside the sanitarium with several vicious inmates and no hope for escape.

Death ward 13

Big casting news was released this week when the legendary Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein was announced as the lead villain in the film. Doyle is an influential guitarist that is known for his signature guitar tone, iconic devilock and his huge contributions to the horror punk and death rock genres. Doyle’s musical career started with The Misfits but he also has a solo project named DOYLE that put out an album ABOMINATOR in 2013.

His imposing stature and overall appearance makes him the perfect candidate for an iconic silver screen psychopath. This will be Doyle’s first major movie role. Prior to DEATH WARD 13 he has had some cameos and musical appearances in films.

Death Ward 13

“With Doyle’s horror punk background, we’ve always been looking for opportunities to have him cross over into film, but nothing has sparked his interest until now”, says Bruce Miyaki

(Insane Management.) “Death Ward 13 is a great breakout film for Doyle – his fans are going to love it.”

You can check out more about the film at

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