Who doesn’t love a good scary story?

2016 has been a great year for horror so far but I’ve got news for you – it’s going to be getting even creepier in the coming months!  As an avid reader who is always looking for the next big scare, I chatted with a few folks in the literary world and whipped up a list of three upcoming horror books that you should be circling your calendars for!

TREESAnd The Trees Crept In, by Dawn Kurtagich

This is one I’ve been eagerly waiting for and my wait – and yours! – is almost over.  This chilling tale of two sisters who move in with their estranged aunt, who subsequently goes mad and locks herself in the attic, is going to be jam packed with twists and turns.  Early reviews have come back very positive and Kurtagich’s talents as a writer put her up there with the very best horror has to offer.  A Slender Man-like monster, and the woods themselves, are lurking around the home.  Drawing closer and closer…

Release date:  September 6, 2016

DEADDead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire, by Joe Lansdale

You say Joe Lansdale, I say “take my money”.  Lansdale is an author like no other, a gunslingin’, trash talking, emotionally invested wordsmith who has created a loving ode to the pulpy tales of his youth with this collection of eight short stories by Joe.  Burroughs, Howard, Poe and Lovecraft are all infused in these awesome stories that only a man named Joe Lansdale could create.

Release date:  November 30, 2016



SIXSix Scary Stories, multiple authors, selected by Stephen King

A writing contest run by King’s UK publishers provided these “gripping and chilling” tales that King ultimately suggested be published in a single book.  These six tales stretch the imaginary landscape and could very well feature the next master of horror.  If they get the King stamp of approval, they’re definitely worth checking out.  The kindle version of this collection will be available on August 25th.

Release date:  October 31, 2016


So start saving now because it’s about to get a lot more creepy over the next few months!  Happy reading!



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