Co-creator of Etheria Film Festival 2020 Stacy Pippi has treated us to a Facebook live video of the Screenland Armour Theater in Kansas City. As reported earlier, the festival selections will be streamed on Shudder beginning June 20.
Check out this video from Pippi of some more exciting Etheria news:

Etheria Film Night is very excited to partner up with the Screenland Armour Theater to bring you a LIVE virtual screening night of the festival. But that’s not all– horror and genre fans around Kansas City are in for a treat as some very lucky people will be able to attend the Etheria Film Festival in person at the theater!
Exclusive content pre-show and after-the-show content will be available at this in-person event and steaming through the Screenland Armour Theatre website.

Join the good folx at Etheria for the Etheria Film Festival 2020:
Saturday, July 20th, 2020 (all times Central) 
Doors at 5:30 pm
Pre Show 6 pm
Etheria Film Festival 7 pm
Pre-recorded Q&A followed by live discussions 9:15 pm
Tickets for online viewing are $12 and can be found here.
Tickets for in house screening are $20 and can be found here.

As Stacy Pippi assures us in her video, social distancing protocols will be followed at the theater. Tickets are limited to allow for social distancing. Attendees will also be able to attend an afterparty that will be streamed via Zoom.
Please visit the Etheria Facebook as Stacy Pippi makes more information available about the event and the health and safety measures that will be taken at this live event on June 20th at the Screenland Armour theater.

What is Etheria? Etheria Film Night is the world’s most respected showcase of horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, thriller, and dark comedy films directed by women for an audience including producers, managers, showrunners, distributors, and genre fans.
Etheria puts the women directors who want to make genre films and TV in front of the people who want to hire them.

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