Even though there are several horror “experiences” and a few games out on VR platforms I can’t help but wish for more.

Friday The 13th – The much anticipated “Friday The 13th” game is on the way but there has been no mention of a VR port. As much fun as a multiplayer Jason game sounds, I can’t help but imagine the sheer terror of virtually being stalked and slain by Voorhees.

Alien– “Alien Isolation” is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated horror games of all time. Honestly, if they just made a VR version of that game it would be perfect. Creeping through long hallways of the space station as you hear a Xenomorph searching for you is scary as hell. Moments like this need to be something that we can experience in the most immersive way possible. The VR hide and seek mechanics has already been proven to work with “Resident Evil 7” so this one is not a stretch at all.

Alien: Isolation

A Nightmare on Elm Street– This franchise is literally perfect for a series of VR experiences and levels. Much like the kind of nightmare fueled levels of “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” Freddy Krueger could unleash all manors of hell on you in various settings and levels. The possibilities are limitless and honestly could easily fit into the mythos of the series.

Phantasm– Sneaking around graveyards and mausoleums, being hunted by the tall man and his minions all while getting an up close look at those deadly spheres sounds like a good time.

The ShiningThe Overlook Hotel would make an insanely interesting setting for a virtual reality game. I would guess you would play as Jack but trying to kill your family in VR might be a little too much for some people.

Silent Hill– This could either be a classic return to the foggy town or a reimagining such as P.T. The world and lore of “Silent Hill” is incredibly deep and rich albeit inconsistent. The many horrific creatures and twisted characters could make for a VR experience that would most likely have to be played in small sessions. If done right an immersive trip through “Silent Hill” would be a nightmare that most could not handle for long.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead– I have played the “Evil Dead” games for older generation consoles but none of them quite captured the intense terror of the first movie. I would love to play a slow burn survival horror game based on the first movie and I would prefer it in VR.
I know most of these will probably never happen but it can’t stop me from dreaming. What games would you like to see developed for Virtual Reality? Let us know!

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