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Hello Terror Time readers! As this is my first post here on Terror Time, I thought it best to introduce myself! My name is Mister Gore, and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to bring a little bit of the world of horrorpunk music to the masses through this site. I currently run a horrorpunk and horror themed website called The Deadhouse which you can always check out as well! I will be bringing periodic reviews here on Terror Time focusing on the music side of horror, and spotlighting some of the best artists and bands from the world of horrorpunk! I am proud to bring my recent review of the new album “Deranged” from Georgia’s The Casket Creatures as my first post here on Terror Time! Keep an eye out here for future reviews and posts, and be sure to follow me on Twitter here and you can also like me and The Deadhouse on Facebook here! I of course want to thank Tom and Josh Holland for the opportunity to spread both my writing and the world of horrorpunk of which I am permanently entwined in here on Terror Time! So without further a due, here is my recent review of Deranged by The Casket Creatures!


Release Year

Track Listing
1) Devil’s Trap
2) Blood Junkies
3) Hexed
4) Deranged (feat. Timothy Jones of Harvester)
5) Gore On The Dance Floor 2 (One More Kill)
6) Springwood Slasher
7) Raise The Dead
8) Tucker And Dale
9) Death Comes For You
10) Spirit Of Vengeance
11) The Man Who Cheated Death

While it seems like an eternity since Georgia’s The Casket Creatures released new music, it has actually only been two years since the band unleashed the She Screams EP (which of course received a Stereo Terror review you can check out here). If you dig through the archives of The Deadhouse, you would certainly be able to tell that the band is a favorite here, and are one of the most featured bands throughout the just over two years the site has been around. In addition to the She Screams review, you can check out our Stereo Terror review of their 2013 release Sex, Blood And Rock N’ Roll here, and the DeadTube features for their wicked videos of Zombie Werewolves From Outer Space and GKMF. So when I was presented with the opportunity to get an advance copy of their new album, Deranged, I understandably jumped at the opportunity. Speaking with front man Ryan Cadaver, I was informed that the band feels this is their best work yet, so despite my best attempts, I went in with high expectations. Could Deranged really surpass all of the band’s prior works?

At the risk of allowing anyone reading this to skip through reading the rest of this review, Deranged is undoubtedly the best album The Casket Creatures have ever assembled. Even going in with high expectations, I realized by the middle of the album, that not only is it the best album from this band, it is straight up one of the best horrorpunk albums I have ever heard. I have had this whole damned album on repeat pretty much non-stop since I received it, and the energy behind it is absolutely infectious. But I am getting ahead of myself….

Starting with Devil’s Trap the album simply exudes energy. Throughout the album’s 11 tracks the infectious energy never subsides for even a moment. Front man Ryan Cadaver has never sounded better, and the rest of the band, consisting of guitarist Derek Obscura, bassist Cliff Damage and drummer J-Von Spookenstein absolutely plow through the album, giving Cadaver so much to work with, and the backing gang vocals are crisp and don’t have that feeling of being included just to appease the genre that the band is working with. Speaking of vocals, the title track of the album includes a guest appearance from Timothy Jones, the lead singer of Atlanta based metal band Harvester to add a little extra spice to the song, and it works without taking away from the band themselves like some cameos or collaborations do.

Everyone knows that horror has always been a place where sequels inevitably happen, and The Casket Creatures make sure to honor the tradition, with Gore On The Dance Floor 2 (One More Kill). The sequel to Gore On The Dance Floor (duh) from the band’s first album, 2011’s Tales From The Unknown, Dance Floor serves as the closest you will get to a slow song on the album, and also does what every sequel aspires to do but usually fails miserably at. That of course is being a sequel that outdoes the original. That’s not to say the original is bad, as it isn’t, it is actually one of my favorite tracks on the band’s debut. But the extra years as a group and the growth the band has made in every aspect ensures that One More Kill outdoes the original.

Following Dance Floor, the band assembles a run of tracks so strong that at times it feels like one great giant song. Starting with the band’s ode to Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare On Elm Street series, Springwood Slasher, it is almost mind-boggling the energy that blasts through your speakers with Raise The Dead and what is, to my knowledge at least, the first song dedicated to the uproarious splatstick comedy Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil.

Normally when I review an album, I am able to pick out the Killer Track, the song which I declare as the highlight of the album, after one or two listens. As I write this, I’ve been listening to the album on pretty heavy rotation for about a week now, and I have been having an incredibly difficult time picking one from the stellar lineup of tracks offered on Deranged. After careful review, I have to go with Death Comes For You, narrowly edging out Springwood Slasher for the honor here. Starting on a slightly more mellow note, before blasting full force ahead, Death Comes For You to me seemingly represents everything great about The Casket Creatures. It somehow just seems to hit every mark in the right spot.

The album comes to a close with the one-two punch of Spirit Of Vengeance and The Man Who Cheated Death, going out on a high note. While not necessarily reaching the same highs as Springwood Slasher, Tucker And Dale or Death Comes For You, the songs still offer a great listening experience, and end the album leaving you wanting more. And not to go into too much detail, but there may be a little bonus at the end of it all, and you won’t necessarily have to spend any spooky dollars to enjoy it.

I’ve been a fan of The Casket Creatures for several years now, so I have been looking forward to the band’s new album since the 2014 release of She Screams left me wanting more since it was only an EP. Usually anytime I speak with a band about new material, they will always include something about how this is their best work to date, it just comes with the territory. But I was not expecting in the slightest how true those words would ring with Deranged. This is not only the best Casket Creatures release to date, but I would go as far as to call it one of the best horrorpunk albums of the past few years. Trust me on this one, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Deranged is set to be released within the next week or so due to some production difficulties, so make sure to head over to the Official Facebook page of The Casket Creatures to stay up to date on all the latest. Tell ‘em Mister Gore sent ya!

Killer Track
Death Comes For You

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