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Step Inside The ‘IT’ Experience – Neibolt House In Hollywood

Warner Bros. upcoming release of the new movie IT based on the Stephen King novel has to be one of the most anticipated releases this year. Actually it will be two films with the fist coming out on September 8th, 2017. Warner Bros. wanted to give fans a virtual taste of the scares that lie ahead and introduce us to the new Pennywise by creating the IT experience – Neibolt house. It’s a Haunted House they built on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Vine in the heart of Hollywood, CA. The gang at SlashFilm went indie and posted this killer video to let us all have a peek.

The TV movie back in the day scared the hell out of me and now the film looks to do the same. Awesomeness!

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Stephen King's IT New Pennywise - The IT Experience

Check out official trailer for ‘IT’

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