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Jessica Chastain In Talks To Join ‘IT’ Sequel To Play Grown-Up Beverly

It’s rare when the person the public thinks should play a role in a film actually ends getting that role. That seems to be what is shaping up in the sequel for Stephen King’s IT. With the film remake becoming a smash hit this year fans instantly started speculating who would play the grown up versions of the kids in the sequel and many fans were floating the name Jessica Chastian. Many thinking she would be an amazing choice to play Beverly.

Well, so does Andy Muschietti and his producing partner/sister Barbara. It’s an easy choice to make. Jessica is an award winning actress and also happens to have worked with the Muschietti’s before on his first film MAMA.

Chastain spoke to Screen Rant for an interview about her new movie with Idris Elba when they asked her about the chances of her starring in the IT sequel.

“Well, I love Andy and Barbara. I worked with them on Andy’s directorial debut, you know, his film, Mama. His first film. And you know, Barbara is one of my best friends so…

Listen, of course, I want to work… they’re my friends. They’re like my family. Anything that they’re doing I want to be a part of, so I hope we can make it happen”

She really would be a great choice to play an adult Beverly. Let’s hope they make it work. Who else do you think would be awesome choices for the grown-up versions of the IT kids?

source: Screen Rant

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