Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day

A new and bizarre-looking movie is on the way and you should keep a close eye on it. ‘Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day’ is already completed and available for pre-order now. I am a big fan of writer/director Brian K. Williams and Mostly Harmless Pictures and this movie looks like his most bonkers film so far. Brian has a way of writing incredibly rich and interesting stories that blend horror, sci-fi and comedy. He also has the chops behind the camera to showcase his story in a very visually impressive way. If you haven’t checked out his previous work, I highly suggest it.

‘Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day’ stars Ellie Church, (High on the Hog, Frankenstein Created Bikers) Allison Maier, (Space Babes from Outer Space, Spring Break Zombie Massacre) and Alyss Winkler (Plankface, Amazon Hot Box)

Plot Synopsis: All Jessie wanted was to sleep in on her day off, but there’s a whole Hell of a lot going on that’s keeping her from doing that. The only question she keeps having to ask herself is if any of it is even real in the first place.  ‘Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day’ is the third film from writer/director Brian K. Williams (Time to Kill, Space Babes from Outer Space), and stars Ellie Church, Allison Maier, and Alyss Winkler. The film features a late 90’s style, and a ska/punk soundtrack, featuring The Toasters, Hub City Stompers, Codename Colin, and more. The film will have its world premiere over Labor Day weekend at the Genreblast film festival in Winchester, VA at the beautiful Alamo Draft house, and will be available on blu-ray and vod late summer/early fall.  The official trailer can be seen, and blu-rays and exclusive items are available for pre-order NOW, at

Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day trailer 1 from Bandit Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

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