Mikey Rukus MMA Music

MMA Music Producer Mikey Rukus Sets His Eyes On Creating the Scores for Horror Films

Perhaps the biggest name in fight-themed music in the U.S. – Mikey Rukus – plans on developing the music for five horror films over the next year.

Mikey Rukus Music MMA

He may not be a household name but if all goes well for the young production artist, there may be plenty of doors opening for him in the future. It’s an interesting combination – MMA and the horror genre, but there is likely a fair amount of crossover appeal. This has become more apparent in recent years as TV horror series gain massive followings. A couple of the more popular ones being The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Many of the same people who watch these shows also have an affinity for combat sports.

The movies featuring Rukus’ sets include 315 Wicked Way, Home Stay, Stalkers, Body Farm and Olc Lore: An Evil Tale. While they aren’t particularly high budget films (all of them are being released by smaller companies), they are a foot in the door to the industry. Hans Zimmer started as just another small time composer for a British production company, John Williams started out as a jazz pianist in a club, both are extremely successful music composers. Not saying that Rukus is going to see that kind of success, but he has a shot at getting his music out in front of a wider audience.

Horror movies brought in almost 1.2 Billion in 2016

Horror film scores have traditionally garnered plenty of jeers, even from those who enjoy the movie itself. In the past, the focus was far more on the cheap thrills and the gore. These days, most horror producers are going for a more cinematic experience with their films. Part of that is having solid music production, which the minds behind the five movies above believe they have found in Rukus.

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