Devils Gold Movie
Devil’s Gold is an upcoming UK horror series set war-torn Poland in the days after Hitler’s death.

With the recent rise in on-demand TV and streaming service, there has been no end to the plethora of cult hits that have created big fan bases and amazing worlds; and an upcoming, British made series is looking to be no exception.

Devil’s Gold is a horror mini-series currently being developed for Amazon Prime, by Yorkshire based film company Altruism Pictures. With a list of award-winning films already in their catalogue, the independent film company is now looking to blow people’s minds (and upset their stomachs) with their latest project.

Devil’s Gold is a genre defining adventure horror following British Army Captain John Marston, who will ultimately choose the side of light or dark as he faces temptation and redemption. While posted in Poland, John and his unit embark on a covert mission just days after Hitler is declared dead. All the while, a mysterious storyteller weaves a tale of hidden gold in an underground compound situated beneath an undiscovered Death Camp in war-torn Poland. Featuring an ensemble cast, fast action, unsettling horrors and good old-fashioned creepy storytelling that is guaranteed to leave you craving more; Devil’s Gold is already being dubbed “Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Hellraiser”.

Devil’s Gold comes to Amazon Prime, YouTube and BluRay on October 7th 2018.

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