Movie Review: The Dark Military Is Hunting You

Cheap Thrills

By Jack Ulrich

The Dark Military

The premise of Actor/Writer/Director Loren W. Lepre’s latest film The Dark Military revolves around a group of small-town, starry-eyed hopefuls who turnout for chance to appear on a Pay-Per-View reality show of the elimination challenge variety that takes place on Halloween night.  Sadly, for these wannabe celebutants their 15 minutes of fame is cut short when a group of psychopathic killers known as the Dark Military hijacks the program with their own agenda.

The Dark Military is bent on bringing fear back to Halloween and to do so they plan to hunt the contestants for real while the whole event streams live.  The Dark Military whose names are drawn from biblical villains includes the leader Barabbas (Lepre), mute man mountain Kane (James Donhue), Judas (Eric Foxhill), Delilah (Shannon Sexton), and super-stabby temptress Jezebel (Gina Marie Scholl).

On its surface this film appears to be blood drawn from the same vein as Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale with a healthy dose of The Purge.  But like any good variation on a theme it deftly avoids treading too much common ground while seeking to convey its own unique message to the audience.

The Dark Military

Barabbas (Lepre) and Lainie (Cabrina Collsides)

The Upside.

The Dark Military is an ambitious film.  Shot entirely in Pennsylvannia with an estimated budget of just $100,000 it’s not hard to be impressed with the production quality of the film. The film features numerous locations and a very large cast of characters, two things you don’t normally encounter in mirco-budget productions.  The cinematography and lighting were very professional and use of visual tricks like screen-in-screen and the elimination counter added to the overall quality feel of the film.

The acting is better than average across the board with some stand out performances one by Lepre who delivers some best cheesetastic quips and one-liners in the film and the other by Dave Ferrier who plays Cook, an addlepated cook (obviously) who takes his duties a little too seriously.  Additionally, there is a fun little cameo by Chlld’s Play’s Alex Vincent as a distraught relative of one of the Dark Military’s victims.

2017 from Average Superstar Films on Vimeo.

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