I’m all about supporting indie musicians everyday, but especially on my favorite day, #MusicFriday. This moody, evocative video by Precious Child arrived in my inbox.

Los Angeles goth pop singer, producer and video artist Precious Child has released the video this week. The video, directed by the artists, lends an abstract narrative of ritual and possession to synth-laden slow burn Coming Down. With references to horror films and other music videos of the past, including a beetle rolling on it’s back a la’ NIN’s Closer, the video was well suited to requirements for a Terror Time #MusicFriday submission but I was hesitant.

Images are not always what they seem in “Coming Down” by Precious Child

I was wondering if today was not the day to show an entity violently choking a person, but I firmly believe that there is catharsis in art. Describing the video, Precious Child says: “With the help of friends, in 2015 I lit oil and gasoline fires atop a derelict aqueduct deep in the forest of rural Maryland. There, we filmed a literal and metaphorical vignette of a dead hero’s resurrection, ritual, and marriage to their Jungian Shadow. Banked until today, it is the music video for Coming Down.

That description puts it in context for me. The video appears to have the horror movie trope of a young woman being dragged in the forest, but then she or they regain agency, becoming a masked being performing their own blood letting ritual magick. The dark being on their chest is their Dark Self, the Jungian shadow side described by Precious Child.

The video premiered on Rue Morgue Magazine, who called it “surreal and dangerous.” The press release says “Visceral and surreal, Precious Child exists at the convergence of conceptual art and pop music to create confrontational and captivating audiovisual work… music and visual vibes are Mandy(2018) meets Velvet Underground.” That works for me.

Their video work, including videos “WHOLE” and “My Little Problem (Violet Door)”, have garnered millions of views with their vivid and confrontational style. Follow Precious Child on Instagram and Spotify.

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