When is a book launch party not a book launch party? When it’s a convention!

The books in question – My Favorite Horror Movie 2: The New Blood and My Favorite Horror Movie 3: Scream Warriors – are jam-packed with enough horror VIP contributors to make any convention worth the price of admission… yet this event allowed anyone who purchased any volume of the My Favorite Horror Movie series to mix, mingle, get autographs and photos and maybe even share a drink with some of the most innovative voices in the contemporary horror scene.

Guests at the con ranged from filmmakers (including Tom Holland, pictured at top), actors, novelists, journalists, effects artists and purveyors of horror books, toys and merchandise. 

On November 9th, the funky and comfy Van Nuys Elks Lodge in Los Angeles overflowed with horror professionals, horror fans, and those who are proudly both – making the My Favorite Horror Movie “Mini-Con” a wild success for event hosts Black Vortex Cinema, and the main editor and curator of all three books, Christian Ackerman.

The panels featured an intimate setting (more a “hang out with friends” than “Comic-Con Hall H” vibe), candid conversations and important topics…

“Otherness: Finding Strength and Representation in Horror,” about sexual orientation and identity, featuring filmmaker Michael Varrati, Aaron Mento (Director, Ugly Sweater Party), Charles Winecoff (Writer, Split Image: The Life of Anthony Perkins), Jeffrey Reddick (Writer, Final Destination) and Michael Varrati (Writer, Tales of Poe).

Filmmaker & journalist Christopher Jimenez discussing “Breaking In” – about making the jump from fan to filmmaker – with a panel including Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Spooky Dan Walker (Slay Belles) and Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley), all pictured above.

A panel focusing on gender parity – benefitting from the collective wisdom of Brooke Lewis (iMurders), Chelsea Stardust (Director, Satanic Panic), Heidi Honeycutt (Director of the Etheria Film Festival), Miguel Rodriguez (Director of the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival) and Najarra Townsend (Contracted).

Editor/Curator Felissa Rose, a beloved horror icon herself, was also in attendance. She told me what she loves most about working in horror movies is being surrounded by people who love them as much as she does, and this book series aims to capture that. Pick up a copy and you’ll see that your favorite Scream Queen might love all the same movies you do… or one of Felissa’s friends might introduce you to a new favorite.

“It’s like these books are a party on the page for horror fans,” she said.

To explore the full list of special guests in attendance, learn more about the project itself, and pick up one (or all) of the books in the My Favorite Horror Movie trilogy, visit Black Vortex Cinema’s official site.

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