Kirk Scroggs, author and artist of The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid, has a new young adult graphic novel out now from DC Comics, We Found A Monster.

We caught up with Kirk to ask him about the new book and he shared some great art with us. Kirk says,”When I wrote The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid for DC, I really enjoyed the spiral notebook format and the creative license they allowed me with their universe. By drawing in the same way that I doodled back in middle school, it became strangely autobiographical. The one area it didn’t really touch on, however, was my obsession with monster movies, monster comics, monster games, toys, you name it.”

We Found a Monster is an ode to my own creature feature nerdom. I thought it would fun to showcase a kid like me, an old school horror movie purist (Frankenstein, Godzilla, Dracula) who secretly has a house full of real monsters. This kid, Casey, is suddenly faced with an exuberant new girl in school, Zandra, who has her own obsession with fantasy creatures (dragons, orcs, unicorns) and just so happens to have a ten foot furry, cuddly monster of her own. She disrupts Casey’s black and white monster world with her burst of wild colorful fantasy, but, of course, all that is turned on its head when some interesting skeletons start popping out of her closet.”

“Another fun aspect of writing the book was pulling several monsters from the deep vault of characters at DC. There are some fan favorites, like the shape-shifting Teekl, and more obscure critters from the past, like She-Bat and Topo, a Lovecraftian tentacled cephalopod from the world of Aquaman.”

When Kirk isn’t writing about or drawing monsters, he’s usually watching movies or TV shows about monsters, reading books or magazines about monsters, or playing old Nintendo games featuring monsters. In case you were worried that Kirk is obsessed with monsters, rest assured, in the back of his mind he is always thinking about . . . oh wait, that’s monsters, too. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband, Steve, and an ungrateful cat.

We Found A Monster by Kirk Scroggs is available now from Amazon.

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