As reported earlier, quarantine film The Dark Offerings has officially wrapped principal photography as the first legit socially distant virtual quarantined shot feature that abides 100% by all social distancing guidelines. The power team of Marcus Slabine and Elizabeth Piper S. are now heading straight into post production. They have gifted us with their first behind the scenes image, saying, “As we wrapped we snapped this behind the scenes pic to show how much blood has poured onto the ground and we really can’t wait for the gore hounds to see it. The set WAS COVERED in blood but it all came out instantly using Cine Blood:Type O which truly comes out of everything (and yes, we put it to the test).” [Editor’s note:we encourage this plug of Cine Blood:Type O because we know how many of you dear readers are filmmakers. And what is a horror film without the fx blood?]

Producer, writer and lead actress Elizabeth Piper S. talks about the ambitious goal she and Slabine set for themselves as they co-wrote The Dark Offerings: “Since Marcus and I were quarantined together we set out to shoot something. He wanted to do something quick but I said lets shoot a full feature. So we did. We sat down and wrote an entire script in two weeks and got our team together. Marcus has gone above and beyond with doing a great job at directing. This was not an easy feature to shoot and he really did a phenomenal job.”

The team’s enthusiasm for the project and each other is infectious. Director Marcus Slabine says of Piper S.,”Elizabeth has been a huge part of any film I make. I truly believe we tapped into some deep shit that resonates in the dialogue and characters and there is nobody on this planet I’d rather be stuck writing a horror script during a pandemic with more than her. Pushing each other to do more and delve deeper than we wanted. We compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses during the writing process and were able to write the entire feature film in 2 weeks with several drafts and when we finally finished, we both knew we had something great. Not only was she a wonderful co-writer, but she also did a phenomenal job starring and doing special effects!”

Slabine hints at at “a surprise horror cameo that has YET to be announced” for The Dark Offerings and says,”As a director, I am astounded and beyond proud of the work we all did this past month on this film. I got to work with people I adore working with as well as horror icons who I’ve respected and grown up watching since I was young.”

Elizabeth Piper S. stars in The Dark Offerings with a robust cast that includes Clifton Dunn (The Paper Store), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley), and Terry Alexander (Day of the Dead, Conspiracy Theory), Paul Sheehan (SuperCapitalist, 4 Assassins), Michael Leavy (Terrifier, Penance Lane) Jason Leavy (Abnormal Attraction, Terrifier), Lydia Kalmen, Tina Nikolova, Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark, Dead Ant) and Tamara Glynn (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Terrifier 2).

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