The Exorcist Returns

When people start talking about how great it is that Fall is here, I just think about Halloween. They can have their Pumpkin Spiced coffee. I want scares!!!!

On that note, it’s time to start thinking about Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. The return of The Exorcist to be exact. In the form of a maze this year. Universal’s comments below.

The film that fueled your worst nightmares has returned to Halloween Horror Nights.

The scariest movie of all time has possessed Halloween Horror Nights again. But this time, the demon knows you’re coming. Enter the most haunting scenes from the film as the once-innocent 12-year-old Regan begins to act stranger and stranger, speaking in tongues, even turning violent. Her desperate mother consults doctors to diagnose the problem, but this is beyond their help, beyond their world. Watch in horror as Regan is transformed into a monstrous creature by Pazuzu, the demon possessing her. Try to survive a battle between good and evil, as a little girl’s soul hangs in the balance. The Exorcist is back, but this time the demon knows you’re coming. Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood is back with a vengeance, select nights Sept 9 – Oct. 31!


Halloween Horror Nights is back with a vengeance at Universal Studios Hollywood. You’ll want to bring plenty of friends with you to share the screams and watch your back as you all make your way through terrifying mazes. Face nightmarish creatures in sinister scare zones. Lose yourselves in outrageous live entertainment. And escape to some of the park’s most exhilarating attractions. You definitely need someone to hide behind, somebody to panic with. Because just as in horror films where the first to wander off meets a terrible fate, there’s one thing to remember at Halloween Horror Nights: Never Go Alone!

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