The Lodgers - Movie

The Lodgers – Brings Home A Gothic Ghost Story In New Trailer

Something wicked stirs in the home at the center of The Lodgers from director Brian O’Malley (Let Us Prey). The story of a sister and brother haunted by a secret curse that forces them to remain in the large estate home left to them by their dead parents. But when a young man who falls in love with the sister tries to free her, his attempt sets off a deadly chain reaction.

The film stars Charlotte Vega (The Bookshop, [REC] 3: Genesis), Bill Milner (X-Men, First Class), David Bradley (TV’s The Strain, Harry Potter Franchise), Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones) and will make at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. The script was written by David Turpin. Take a look at the awesomely creepy trailer below.

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The Lodgers - Movie

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Get ready to meet The Lodgers

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