The Walking Dead Dales rv

Live like ‘Walking Dead’s’ Dale and roam the open highways in your very own R.V.!

‘The Walking Dead’ fans know exactly what R.V. were talking about. It’s almost as recognizable as the stars of the show.

The Walking Dead Dales rv

Now the ‘Walker Stalker Convention’ is selling their replica they have been taking to shows for years so fans can have a chance to own some ‘TWD’ fandom. I’ve always dreamed of owning an RV that could break down at any moment leaving me in peril with the walkers. lol. But seriously, this is a cool thing for a super fan. Imagine retracing our favorite survivors journey in Dale’s R.V.?

Walker Stalker con - dales R.V. replica - The Walking Dead

Walker Stalker’s official release –

YOU can own our replica of Dale’s RV!

Seen at Walker Stalker Con’s across the country, it was built identically to the RV seen on the show, from the kitchen to the driver’s area and the external custom stickers!

The back area was built as a recording studio/man cave for The Walker Stalkers Podcast, and includes real barn wood walls, a television, coca cola fridge, and a digital TellTale’s The Walking Dead pinball machine.


Walker Stalker Con - Dale's RV

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