If You Haven’t Seen This, What’s Wrong With You?!: Episode One: GREEN ROOM

This article is as spoiler free as humanly possible, we promise.

Too often do we see remarkable horror films that completely fly under the radar of the general consciousness of the movie viewing public. Too often – amazing pieces of cheese and schlock are left by the wayside while big blockbuster spookfests dominate the big screens. Well, here at Tom Holland’s Terror Time we want to shine a light on those forgotten, underplayed, and under-buzzed about horror features that if you haven’t seen – you really really should.

We’re happy to introduce “If You Haven’t Seen This, What’s Wrong With You?!” a weekly segment where we’ll discuss the underdogs of the horror/sci-fi/grindhouse genre that, conveniently for you, are making their way to DVD/BluRay releases.

Despite being released earlier this month, we thought it was more than appropriate for us to discuss a film that, amazingly, managed to dodge a wide release; Jeremy Saulnier’s punk rock thriller, GREEN ROOM

GREEN ROOM made its’ way into roughly 700 theaters nationwide in the United States almost a year after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17 th of 2015. During its’ opening weekend, the film grossed over 400,000 dollars in ticket sales.

If you’ve yet to see the remarkably well made indie flick that is “Green Room”, get on it because it is a wild ride.

“Green Room” tells the story of The Ain’t Rights (Pat (Anton Yelchin), Sam (Alia Shawkat), Tiger (Callum Turner), and Reece (Joe Cole)), a punk band making their way through the Pacific Northwestern United States booking as many club gigs as they can, hoping for their “break.” In Seaside, Oregon, they meet a local radio host, Tad, who does a quick interview with them and sets them up with a spot playing at a local club, a Neo-Nazi Skinhead bar, located in the remote woods outside of Portland.


They eagerly make their way to the club, not knowing of the extreme right wing sentiments that their audience and hosts possess. Upon this realization, in one of the ballsiest moves ever made by a band ever – like, for real, they decide to open their set with a cover of the Dead Kennedy’s classic ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off!’

This enrages the audience; however, they eventually win them over after breaking into their original songs.

After the show, Pat makes his way to the green room to retrieve Sam’s forgotten phone and discovers several men standing around a girl who’s been stabbed to death. He frantically calls the police, but two of the bouncers manage to confiscate the groups’ phones and hold them hostage at gunpoint. Now, trapped inside a locked room and with the club’s owner, Darcy (played by the always amazing Patrick Stewart), on his way – they’re left with two options: await their fate or try to fight.

Turning the Tables

With that, GREEN ROOM takes off at lightning pace, providing a jaw-clenching thriller that is absolutely unrelenting. It’s glorious.

Critics have praised the film, and it currently holds a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 7.7/10.

Personally, as someone who not only loves horror but also loves punk music and the various “scenes” that surround that particular genre, I loved every second of “Green Room.” The members of The Ain’t Rights reminded me of old friends I had back in high school and college and watching them go from being optimistic young musicians to having to make life altering (or ending) decisions hit me like a punch in the chest. The characters were very “real” that way.

Thankfully, I’ve had any run-ins with murderous Neo-Nazi Skinheads (or “Boneheads” if you’re up on traditional skinhead culture) but after exposing myself to the adrenaline rush that is GREEN ROOM, I know that I most certainly wouldn’t want to.

Darcy Contemplates the Severity of the Situation

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Patrick Stewart is amazing as usual and commands the screen every time he steps in front of the camera. His accent can be a bit distracting from time to time, but his performance is absolutely chilling. Darcy means business and he doesn’t intend on letting anyone get in the way of that business. Acting aside, the film also sports some truly gruesome sequences which gore hounds the world over will be sure to appreciate.

All in all, if you managed to miss GREEN ROOM now is the time to remedy that. GREEN ROOM was released to DVD/BluRay on July 12 th and can be found on Amazon or wherever fine films are sold.

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