M. Night Shyamalan SPLIT star, James McAvoy admits the hit thriller works even without the twist ending

If you have not heard about the hit thriller film SPLIT by M. Night Shyamalan, you may be one of very few. The film is a commercial success, to say the least. Most relevant is it’s $40 million debut weekend. With an assortment of mixed reviews from critics, audiences are selling out theaters still after just seven days since premiering January 21. So what did the star of the movie, James McAvoy, think?

McAvoy spoke with THR earlier this month and was vague on his thoughts concerning the twist, but spoke none the less.

When I first read the script, that wasn’t there so I actually didn’t know there was ever going to be anything like that,” McAvoy said of the Unbreakable ending. “When we were rehearsing the film, [Shyamalan] revealed to me the fact that the character I would be playing was originally a character in one of his other films and it just didn’t work in that film. And he always wanted to make a film in which this character featured heavily. I then became aware of it. But when I originally read the script and accepted the role, I thought it was a standalone thing. And that’s true of the film as well. Yeah it’s got a thing at the end that transforms everything you’ve seen before, but I think the film stands without it and it benefits from having it, definitely, but I don’t think it relies upon it.” ~ James McAvoy

(L to R) Anya Taylor-Joy, Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson and James McAvoy – SPLIT

When asked his thoughts on possibly coming back for a sequel to SPLIT (since M. Night has expressed interest in combining SPLIT to its twist connection to his 2000 hit UNBREAKABLE) McAvoy responded:

If it’s good material, I don’t mind if it’s a franchise. If it’s good work and I’m getting to work with good people and I’m getting to do interesting things with my day then, yeah, I’m bang up for it. I don’t care if it’s a franchise or not. I’m all up for a good old franchise if it is a good old franchise.

As stated in our review of the film, McAvoy was mesmerizing. He is the major contributor to the film’s success. As a result of the above, we have the pleasure of fantasizing about his possible return in this role opposite of Bruce Willis…yes, please! Eager to see if anything comes of this enchanting idea. We will keep you posted.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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