Father Evil

Jay Kay and The Night Market get up close and personal with Father Evil!

Father Evil


Having a sense of originality is something that becomes rarer as ideas, characters and kills are recycled and rehashed every year. Cosplay is however at an all-time high with conventions, expos, film festivals and role playing events opening up brave new worlds for the many… There is one though, who head and shoulders above the rest who breeds fear, insights terror, reveals in sin and temptation and most of all embodies an original character with the blessing of evil… The Night Market welcomes the man who has traveled across North America and in legend around the world for decades, Lou Avilleira or to those who dare not say his name and run from a simple glare… Father Evil!

Jay Kay/ Terror Time: Welcome Lou, it is honor to speak with a man who creates genuine fear,  terror and temptation. This character of “Father Evil” has cultivated a following on the horror scene. It is considered by many to be one of the most original characters in a long time! However, we have seen possessed priests before in film and cosplayed. What makes “Father Evil” grabbing, exciting and frightening to so many fans? Where did this character find its origins for you?

Lou Avilleira: I am first generation Cuban American, with direct lineage to Spain, Galicia to be exact. Father Evil is a possessed Catholic priest from Spain. That country has a strong paranormal history that mixed with Catholicism. In turn creates an environment conducive of supernatural folklore. As far as what make Father Evil exciting to fans, he is accessible but at the same time touches on your darkest fears. Also, the taboos that come with religion is general.

JK/TT: “Father Evil” has a very detailed backstory and levels of authenticity in appearance, tone, accessories and verbiage. Would you talk about that the authenticity of the character and dedication on your part into the success? Without giving away too many secrets, talk about the grooming and prep that goes into it?

LA: Authenticity to me is key, this isn’t a costume to me. I literally eat, sleep and breathe the character. In essence, Father Evil has possessed me. Everything I have is authentic except for my eyes. It may not look like it, but it takes a lot for “Lou” to transfer to Father Evil including hours of preparation that go into his transformation that starts the night before an event.

JK/TT:You are anything but a cosplay character due to the focus, care and craftsmanship you put into it. How do you feel and how do you address when fans, peers and critics classify you as that?

LA: I am not by any means offended, but technically I am not a Cosplayer; I am an original creation. Cosplayers are people portraying established characters. I have seen many Cosplayers who put extreme amounts of care and focus into their character so I respect them for that dedication.

JK/TT: I have seen it first hand, you can frighten people with a phrase, a look, a step and forget getting close to them! What does that feel like to do be able to have such control… sway… influence over fans across the country? Is there particular show, con or expo that you feel has fully appreciated and feared “Father Evil”? What kind of discipline does it take to not break character?

LA: It’s euphoric, it empowers me, which makes Father Evil that much more real. The Cons I feel I have the most impact as far as scaring patrons are Days of the Dead in Atlanta, Georgia, Texas Frightmare in Dallas, Fort Worth and also Bizarre A.C. in New Jersey! Bizarre A.C is particularly fun because there is a big population of church goers who come down on bus trips. What’s different about AC is people are coming down to gamble. They are not expecting a possessed priest to scare them. The look on their faces is priceless. As far as discipline goes, lots! It may sound funny to most, but I do practice making faces and poses in the mirror. I have to stay away from certain people at cons who make me laugh or may lose it.

JK/TT: From a business side, what does professionalism and respect mean to you with not only the fans but convention organizers, peers and those who support you during appearances? What does your flock and fans mean to you?

LA: Everything.. You respect me, I respect you. It’s that simple. Without my fans, Father Evil doesn’t exist. I would be just a guy in a priest costume. Therefore, they mean everything to me.

JK/TT: Where will you be at? What is that next step for you beyond conventions and appearances? A film, comic or something else?

LA: I will be at the greater Philadelphia Comic con on April 22 – 24; Texas Frightmare Weekend on April 29 – May 1. ACBC is May 13-15. I’m glad you asked that! The next step for Father Evil is a graphic novel. With that vehicle, I will corrupt the comic book scene…

JK/TT: As always it is an honor to speak with such an infamous and legendary figure… Thank you so much for your time and continued corruption of souls worldwide. Would you care to say any final prayers?

LA: Thank you Jay, I will pray for you… Until the next time gentle readers…….Expectabo vobis in tenebris. Amen.

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