Jigsaw is coming back to test you again in ‘Saw: Legacy’

Looks like number 8 is heading our way. Liongate’s ‘Saw: Legacy’ has added it’s first two members to the cast and like a freight train it can’t be stopped. The eight installment has cast Hannah Anderson (Lizzie Borden) and Laura Vandervoort (Bitten, Smallville).

Not sure how horror fans will react to this news considering there has been seven of these films already and some feel it’s warn out it’s life span already. Only time will tell. With new blood comes new scares.

Saw: Legacy

The franchise revolves around the main antagonist, John Kramer, also called the “Jigsaw Killer” or simply “Jigsaw”. He was introduced briefly in Saw and developed in more detail in Saw II. Rather than killing his victims outright, Jigsaw traps them in situations that he calls “tests” or “games” to test their will to live through physical or psychological torture.

Variety reported that the film — the first “Saw” title in seven years — is directed by the sibling team of Peter and Michael Spierig from a script by Pete Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg, James Wan, and Leigh Whannell. Producers are Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, and Oren Koules, the trio that has produced all eight films.

Lionsgate has long specialized in genre fare such as the “Saw” franchise, produced by Twisted Pictures. The original “Saw” cost $1.2 million in 2004 and was Wan’s feature film directorial debut from a screenplay by Whannell with Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, Ken Leung, Tobin Bell, and Whannell starring.

The seven “Saw” films grossed more than $870 million worldwide combined in spite of being bashed by critics. We’ll soon find out as the film is set to open Oct. 27th. Happy Halloween!

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