As the year rapidly comes to an end, we can’t argue that summer wasn’t a great time for horror. With movies like CONJURING 2, LIGHTS OUT, and DON’T BREATHE, I honestly feel like the horror genre is slowly being revived. With that being said, I love an original concept. Not your run of the mill found footage type, but, an external idea that just culminates into a horrifying story is what the dark depth of my soul really craves. Which is why I wanted to love David Sandberg’s LIGHTS OUT. The concept of the dark was spun into something so fantastic in the short film, but, I didn’t think it made that much of an impact on the feature length version. But, admittedly, Sandberg is one hell of a writer and director.

Although originals are scarce at times, sequels are always at an all time high. I am not a fan of sequels, because quite frankly they are almost always abhorrent. This has not stopped Hollywood from crunching these out, though. Some may enjoy these spawns of the devil, and to those, I dedicate this list of upcoming continuation of some of our favorite bona fide horror icons.


This franchise has become more dead than the spirits that roam the halls of the sinister homes triggered from the 1979 original. AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING will be the 17th installment of the Amityville saga and please don’t blame me for not rallying in my seat for this. The plot revolves around a family moving into a strange home where paranormal activity begins to occur, deeming the family to realize that not everything is what it seems. I could name about two hundred other movies with that exact same storyline. However, the trailer looks promising. The film is slated to be released to theaters in January 2017.


The installments of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, have yet to find themselves in my black heart. Especially 2010’s version, which I am sure a lot of you can agree just didn’t give Freddy Krueger the justice he deserved. Robert Englund has not been hush about a possible Freddy reboot and although no voices in Hollywood have risen for an official announcement, it would be terrible not to grant Mr. Englund’s desire to bring Freddy back into your nightmares. Before you pipe off that nothing has been confirmed, consider this: it’s Freddy fucking Krueger and shouldn’t he belong in this list?


It has been eight years since a beautiful hockey mask has graced my presence in the form of a new installment. However, Jason has gone to development hell as there has been delay after delay of getting this film up and running.  The latest news is that Paramount has been pushed the release date to October 13, 2017 with director Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES) on board to spearhead the film. The plot will revolved around Jason Vorhees, the relationship he had with his father and his beloved his mother will also be returning. The storyline has been played out, however, it will be interesting to see what this new batch of talent will do to the franchise.



I have a soft spot for Leatherface. I absolutely love the franchise, and hate the fact that the most shittiest prequels and sequels have made their way out of someones mind and onto the screen. Although no film spawned from Tobe Hopper’s original has stayed true to its origin, I have to have faith in the upcoming film, LEATHERFACE.  The film will follow a young nurse that is kidnapped by four teens, one of them Leatherface.  Films in the past have pondered on the past and I have faith what new talent will do for an old film. The film has been complete and will star Lili Taylor, Stephen Dorff and Finn Jones. No release date has been announced the film will be directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury with the screenplay written by Seth Sherwood.


I am really excited to see what old horror makes it onto my Blue Ray rack. With the amount of new talent making its way into the door, the rise of the success of indy films and the ability to create your own film with devices you can find in the palm of your hands, I can’t wait to see what you all you beautiful people come up with. Keep writing, Keep grinding. Keep it horror. You can also check out our review on Halloween Horror Nights where we visited some of these iconic films on the red carpet and in the mazes HERE!


Til’ next time freaks. But, in the meantime let’s talk horror on Twitter. twitter-512



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